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Last updated: May 26, 2019

1. Define and explain the ‘survey’ as a market research method.

Offer an example of your brand’s use of a survey and, via analysis of select questions in this survey, describe what kind of information you believe your brand is looking for amongst its targets.Surveys are used to collect quantitative information about various elements within a population. Surveys inform individuals or groups about information that can aid improvements for areas of government, health, social science and marketing research. Surveys focus upon retrieving information that will support a possible claim for a future advertisement. They allow insight for both the people collecting the information and the people reviewing the results.Advantages of surveys include:* It is an efficient way of collecting information from a large number of respondents.

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Very large samples are possible. Statistical techniques can be used to determine validity, reliability, and statistical significance.* Surveys are flexible in the sense that a wide range of information can be collected. They can be used to study attitudes, values, beliefs, and past behaviours.* Because they are standardized, they are relatively free from several types of errors.

* They are relatively easy to administer and cost effective.Disadvantages* They depend on subjects’ motivation, honesty, memory, and ability to respond.* Structured surveys, particularly those with closed ended questions, may have low validity when researching affective variables.* Although the individuals chosen to participate in surveys are often randomly sampled, errors due to non-response may exist.* Survey question answer-choices could lead to vague data sets because at times they are relative only to a personal experience. (Fink 2003)In regards to the chosen survey it is apparent that the desired target market is that of expanding the brand awareness of Amnesty International.

Many of the questions are asking whether or not people are aware of what Amnesty International does and therefore how effective does their brand image reflect their goal in helping resolve various human rights issues.Examples of these questions are:7. Please read the statements below and tell us how accurately they describe Amnesty International.9. From what you know of Amnesty International, how would you rate its effectiveness in defending human rights relative to its peers?The manner in which the survey is set out in my opinion is quite effective. The initial questions inform the responder of what Amnesty does and the questions then progressively move into various ways to support the cause.

This approach positions the responder to be initially informed and opposed to being forced to make a donation. They feel more inclined as they have become aware of what Amnesty does. The subtle lead into the desired outcome (collecting donations/future support) positions the responder to feel as their contribution will be effective and is their own choice as opposed to been forced into making a donation due to guilt.In regards to question 7 it is apparent that Amnesty International is seeking insight into what people perceive their brand image as.

Answers such as “Amnesty has a clear, focused mission and doesn’t take on more than it can accomplish” allows the responder to answer in accordance to their beliefs about the company. This allows Amnesty to become aware of what people see when they look at Amnesty.Furthermore the content of question 9 positions the responder to reflect not only on the company but compare it to a number of other similar companies. The use of ‘peers’ shows a more collaborative approach to fixing and maintaining violations of human rights as the various groups (eg.

Red Cross, Human Rights Watch and Oxfam) are working as a collective rather than competing. The use of the word ‘effectiveness’ places emphasis upon Amnesty’s strive to maintaining their mission statement. It allows the responder to judge how valuable Amnesty’s contribution in regards to helping those whose rights are being compromised.The information that the survey is attempting to achieve is both what people’s perception of what Amnesty does and that of educating them so they feel inclined to help by donating, therefore promoting healthy brand awareness and of their brand image.

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