Intro to OT Test 1 Review

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How many books are in the Old Testament?

In which language is Qaneh the word for “canon”?

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Which is not a test for canonicity?

The book of Moab was written as a guide for the ancient Moabites.

What is the most significant reason for it not being in the Old Testament Canon?

It was written for that generation only

At which council was the Old Testament canon confirmed?
Council of Jaminia

In the English arrangement of the Old Testament Canon, Judges is placed in the classification of
The classification of History

Which book is classified in the writings in the Hebrew arrangement of the Old Testament?

In the English arrangement of the Old Testament Canon, Job, Proverbs, and Song of Songs are classified as
Poetry and Wisdom

Which book is not classified in the former prophets in the Hebrew arrangement of the Old Testament?
Isaiah isn’t

How many groups does the Hebrew arrangement of the Old Testament have?

Which theory of inspiration holds that the Bible contains the word of God?
Neo-Orthodoxy theory

Karl Barth is most clearly associated with the theory of inspiration known as
associated with Neo-Orthodox

Which passage of scripture suggests that God communicated a word for word message to the author?
Revealtion 2:1,8

Limited inspiration theory holds that God
provided the thoughts to the writers

Plenary verbal inspiration theory holds that God’s inspiration includes all

Which theory of inspiration provides us with assurance that the bible is both trustworthy and authoritative?
Plenary Verbal inspiration theory

To whom can we attribute primary responsibility for the transmission of the Bible?
Primarily Scribes

What were the scribes called who preserved the Old Testament text?

The Masora refers to
A system of markings

Who developed the system of vowels for Hebrew?

In order to be certain that they had copied the Old Testament manuscripts accurately, the Masoretes
Counted all the letters in the manuscript

All of the Old Testament text was written in Hebrew except for a few portions written in

how many kinds of copies of the Old Testament text do we have?

Which Old Testament Text is the most reliable Hebrew Text?

Which copies of the Hebrew Old Testament text date from 200-100 B.C.?
Dead Sea Scrolls

LXX is the abbreviation for the

The oldest Smaritan Pentateuchal manuscript is dated at about
A.D. 1100

The term used for the study of Biblical interpretation is

A basic principle of Hermeneutics that would aid in understanding the meaning of the Book of Jonah is to
Study the significant historical events of the passage

The immediate context of a passage is found in the
Chapters closest to the verse studied

Which gere of biblical literature is known for telling a story?

What term is used to indicate that God became a man?

The southern boundary of the Ancient Near East is the
Red Sea

How many geographical subregions make up the ancient Near East?

Which country is not in the land of ancient Mesopotamia?
Saudi Arabia

Who were the first Semitic People to live in Mesopotamia?

Who invented writing?

Cuneiform writing is least likely to be found on?

Where was the Amorite’s focus of power?

What is the dominant geographic feature of Egypt?
Nile River

For which group of people was the pharaoh the “god-king”?

At the time of the Patriarchs, the Egyptian historical period was the
Middle Kingdom

The land of Egypt where the Nile empties into the Mediterranean is
Lower Egypt

What was the primary role of Syria-Palestine?
Served as a land bridge

What is the Levant?

What Geographic feature plays the prominent role in Israel’s longitudinal orientation?
Jordan Rift

The ony city of Israel that had a signficant harbor was

Who occupied the coastal strip North of Israel during most of the Old Testament period?

Which is not one of the subregions of the coastal zone of Israel?
Transjordanian Highlands

What is the highest point along the Levant?
Mount Hermon

Which is not one of the main regions of the central mountain range of Syria-Palestine?
Jordan Valley

What is the greatest elevation in the Transjordanian highlands?
5,700 ft

Which international route followed the coastline?
Via Maris

At what time were the benefits of iron discovered?
1200 B.C.

In which period was writing discovered?
Early Bronze Age

Which city served as a power base for the first Semitic empire?

For what is Hammerapi most famous?
Making a collection of laws

During what period was Egypt first dominated by foreigners?
2200-2000 B.


During which period did Egypt flourish?
Middle Kingdom

Who ruled Egypt in 1700-1540 B.C.?

Abram was a patriarch during the?
Middle Bronze Age

At what place did God establish a covenant with Abraham?

Who controlled Mesopotamia after the fall of the Old Babylonian Empire?

What was the Akhenaten’s name before he changed it?
Amenhotep IV

To which place did Akhenaten move the capital?

In what language were the Amarna letter written?

What Egyptian ruler signed a peace treaty with Hattushili III?
Ramesses II

What was Egypt’s method for controlling the Israeli population?
Killing newborn males

It is most likely that the Exodus took place during the
Late Bronze Age

Who were the “Sea Peoples” who settled on the southwest coastal plain of Syria-Palestine?

Who settled in the central highlands in the Late Bronze Age?

Which prophet led Israel in the transition from judges to kings?

What cannot be attributed to David?
Expanding the northern border to the Euphrates

Which king of the north combined Mosiac Yahwism with Canaanite Baalism?

Who conquered the capital of northern Israel?

Which people were the major force in the Iron Age?

The Assyrians were the first true-
World Empire

Who urged Israel to submit to Babylon?

Jerusalem was destroyed by Babylon in
587 B.C.

What is the final archaeological period of the Old Testament?
Iron Age III

What is the meaning of the Greek word teuchos?

What is the Jewish designation for the first five books of the Old Testament?

Which is the most appropriate descriptive “subtitle” for the Book of Genesis?

Which man and his family is the focus of Genesis 12-50

When focusing on God’s power the New Testament equivalent of the exodus would be?
The Resurrection

In the Old Testament a binding relationship is called a

Which book details the elaborate preparations for leaving Mount Sinai?

In which chapter in Genesis is the account of the tower of Babel presented?

While other ancient religions expressed their theology in terms of myths, the religion of the Old Testament expressed theology in terms of

What is the primary emphasis on human beings in the Pentateuch?
Humankind is fallen

In the pentateuch what is the most appropriate human response to God’s grace?
Personal sanctity

Which reference does not point to the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch?
Genesis 28:1

In which century was Moses’ authorship of the Pentateuch seriously attacked?

JEDP is a key component of?
source crticism

The J Document is purported to date at approximately
850 B.C.

At what time did Wellhausen suggest that the JED documents were combined into the P as we know it today?
400 B.C.

Which scholar was a critic of the documentary hypothesis?
E.W. Hengstenberg

Which is not a position taken by conservative scholars on the Documentary Hypothesis?
It uses testimony from the New Testament

Wellhausen maintains that monotheism developed
LAter than the post-exilic period

Which Scholar’s work established Wellhausen’s hypothesis as the standard critical approach for English speaking scholars?
James Orr

Which type of Criticism is the most subjective?
Tradition criticism

Conservative scholars agree that
The pentateuch acquired its current form late in the history of Israel

What book of the Pentateuch has the theme of Salvation?

What book of the Pentateuch has the theme of renewal?

What book of the Pentateuch has the theme of holiness?

What criticism is Martin Noth known for?
He’s known for Tradition criticism

What criticism is Julius Wellhausen known for?
He’s known for source criticism

What criticism is Herman Gunkel known for?
He’s known for Form Criticism

what is the primary theme of the pentateuch?

what is cosmogony?
how the world was made

the closest to ancient hebrew concepts is found in the literature of

Marduk is a major character in the
Enuma Elish

as a result of being created in the image of God, human beings
have dominion over all creatures

in which chapter of genesis is humankind characterized as perfect?

the theme of genesis 3-11 is the
moral failure of humankind

in which chapter of genesis are the generations of adam listed?

who is the “babylonian noah”?

which is not a classification in the table of nations?

A stepped tower of three to seven stages is called a

which mesopotamian city had a name which meant gate to God?

which verse in genesis recorded the flood?
Genesis 6:1-8:22

which verse in Genesis recorded the Fall?
Genesis 3:1-24

which verse in genesis recorded the Tower of Babel?
genesis 11:1-9

the patriarchal narrative begins in genesis

what is the meaning of the patriarchs for our faith today?
they define our faith

what gives historical perspective in genesis 12-50?
cultural parallels

the account of the destruction of sodom is found in genesis

taking into account archaeological, cultural, and literary evidence, the events of genesis 12-50 fit best into the
middle Bronze Age

Abrams name was changed to Abraham in genesis

the two things most important to ancient peoples were land and

where did Abrams family originate?

to demonstrate his promise to Abram, God took Abram outside and told him to count
the stars

the Abrahamic Covenant was later seen in a modified form with

who was Hagar?
the slave of Sarai

who was the mother of Ishmael?

How old was Abram when God changed his name to Abraham?

What is the meaning of the name Sarah?

Abraham illustrates the christian doctrine of

Abraham believed that his heir would be

What name means “supplanter”

How many sons did jacob have?

who was not a wife of jacob?

God changed Jacobs name to

Why is the story of Joseph unusual?
he was not in the messianic line

what do the circumstances of the positions of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob best illustrate?

Where is the The story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife in genesis?
genesis 39:1-23

where is the story of the death of Sarah in genesis?
genesis 23:1-20

where is the story of the rape of Dinah in genesis?
genesis 34:1-31

what covenant role formalized the relationship of God with Israel?
Mosaic covenant

what covenant role made the relationship between God and the royal dynasty of Israel?
Davidic covenant

what covenant role established a theological framework for redemptive relationships?
Abrahamic covenant

exodus can be best characterized as a description of
rescue and relationship

in which place in exodus is the account of the crossing of the Red Sea recorded?
exodus 13:17-14:31

instructions for the sabbath are given in exodus

what was the basic reason the egyptians enslaved the hebrews?
to control the threat of the large hebrew population

which incident marks the point at which moses will collided with Gods?
the burning bush

what demonstrated that yahweh controlled the cosmic order?
the plagues

when the hebrews saw the egyptians dead on the shore of the Red Sea they saw their gods

what type of law applies covenant law to life?
casuistic law

what was the main purpose of the desert tabernacle?
to provide a place where god can dwell

what were the dimensions of the wilderness tabernacle?
50 x 100 cubits

which date for the exodus has the least archaeological support?
1100 B.


which body of water is least likely to be the Red Sea of exodus?
Gulf of Aqaba

which route for the exodus would have been the most direct?
northern route

christian tradition identifies mount sinai with
Jebel Musa

the distinguishing feature of the sinai covenant was that it
provided detailed written instructions for having a relationship with God

which ancient near eastern group burned sacrifices by fire?

what was the most distinctive aspect of the Israelite sacrificial system?
it was linked to the covenantal relationship with God

what was aaron chosen to do that other levites did not do?
offer the sacrifice

from whom were the levites not descended

the hebrew name for leviticus indicates that the book was a continuation of the story line of

the central emphasis in leviticus is on
how to worship God

the priesthood is described in what chapter of leviticus?

the holiness code speaks primarily to
right living outside the tabernacle

which type of sacrifice is least common in the Old Testament?
guilt offering

which offering has three subtypes: thanksgiving and vowed sacrifice, and freewill offering?
peace offering

which passage is most focused on the status of the sinner?
Leviticus 4-5:13

who was cited as having an “unholy fire”?

what is the focus of leviticus 11-16?
clean and unclean

what was part of the day of atonement?
purging sins of the past year

what was unique to the day of atonement?
a scapegoat was required

how is the law in leviticus different from the law in exodus?
it is concerned with law for covenant worship

what type of law is the Ten Commandments?

what should be our approach to the laws of the Old Testament?
we should see it as God’s word for us

when the worshipper placed his hand on the head of the sacrifice animal, he
identified the animal as his substitute

by ordaining sacrificial blood for the cleansing of sin, God established the spiritual principle that
sin must be atoned

which is not a theme of leviticus?

how did christ’s death as an atonement for sin differ from Old Testament atonement?
it was meant for the world

which New Testament book emphasizes the importance of leviticus for christians today?

an offering of ascent is what kind offering?
burnt offering

an expiating offering is what kind of offering?
cereal offering

an offering of restoration is what kind of offering?
peace offering

the title for the book of numbers is most accurate in the
hebrew bible

the census reports in numbers were recorded when the Israelites lived in
the region of mount of sinai

what type of arrangement does the book of numbers have?

where was the land of Goshen located?
northeastern egypt

if taken numerically, the two main lists of the census reports would indicate that the population of Israel was
2 million

how many men were in the egyptian army at the time of exodus?

some scholars believe that the term “thousands” in numbers refers to
A captain

where in numbers is the story of the bronze serpent presented?
numbers 21

how long did the Israelites stay at mount sinai?
2 years

at the time of exodus, the population of israel was most likely

what was an indication of gods leadership throughout the journey of the israelites? (numbers 9)
cloud over the tabernacle

the nation of israel was organized around the tabernacle by

what was the emphasis of the nazarite vow?
faithfulness to past commitment to god

what was to be used to show the israelites how to proceed in march?

after departing mount sinai where did the israelites first encounter problems?
desert of paran

about what kind of food did the israelites complain?

what was the most serious problem of the israelites?

what was the main problem that Aaron and Miriam had with moses?
jealousy about moses position

how many spies did moses send to Canaan?

what was the punishment God meted out to the israelites because they did not enter the promised land at the time planned?
no one over age 20 would be allowed to see the promised land

who interceded for the israelites when God appeared at the tabernacle?

the israelites lost a major battle with the Amalekites and the Canaanites at

what was the fate of the rebellious Korah, Dathan, and Abiram?
they were killed by an earthquake

what was the result of moses sin at kadesh?
he was not permitted to enter canaan

the book of number is primarily intended to be
an essay about the consequences of sin

the israelites were told to counter the fiery serpents by
looking at a bronze serpent

who was the ruler of Moab?

where did the israelites stop last before entering canaan?

where were the israelites camped when they turned to Baal worship?
across the jordan from jericho

where in numbers is the second census that divided the land by tribes recorded?

who did God choose to lead the israelites into the promise land?

where in the New Testament is the incident about the spies in numbers used as a warning to christians about disobedience?

moses was not allowed to lead the Israelites into the promised land because he
acted in anger in meribah

how many long speeches of moses are recorded in Deuteronomy?

in moses final address to israel he
uttered cursings and blessings depending on covenant compliance

how many parts does the chiastic pattern of Deuteronomy have?

the central core of the chiasm of Deuteronomy focuses on
legal instructions for israel

in which chapter of Deuteronomy are the cities of refuge found in?

how many days should the journey from mount sinai to kadesh-barnea have taken?

with whom did israel not avoid confrontation?

moses expression of monotheism in Deuteronomy 6:4 is known as the

what is the primary purpose for moses discourse on the law?
to inform them spiritually

the decalogue is known as the
Ten Commandments

where did moses instruct the israelites to have a covenant renewal ceremony?

Deuteronomic theology is often called the doctrine of

a godly pastor who has served The Lord faithfully all of his life is suddenly stricken with a cancerous brain tumor. what best explains his situation?
life consists of blessings and cursings

why did moses summarize the covenant with a song?
god had commanded moses to do this

after writing the law, moses instructed the israelites to read it in public every
7 years

moses took possession of the promised land symbolically by
viewing it from a mountain

what type of document is deuteronomy primarily?

a political treaty between unequal partners is called
a suzerainty treaty

how many parts are there to a suzerainty treaty?

in which section of the suzerainty treaty would this most likely be found: “you shall remain loyal to me, the Hittite king”?

suzerainty treaties were most commonly initiated by

what would be least likely to be decided as a witness in Hittite suzerainty covenants?

in Deuteronomy the list of witness for the covenant is found in the chapter

what demonstrated most clearly the unity Deuteronomy?
thoroughness of the treaty structure

what kind of a bridge does Deuteronomy form between the Pentateuch and the historical books?

Uniquely, the underlying principle of the law in Deuteronomy is

the main issue regarding God of authority is in what commandment?

the main issue regarding God of commitment is in what commandment?

the main issue regarding God of dignity is in what commandment?

the historical books span a period of a minimum of
800 years

what book was written to vindicate israels need for a king?

in what year did nebuchadnezzar and the babylonians take jerusalem?
587 B.


where is the first commentary on scripture?
books of chronicles

which book best describes how gods sovereign care and protection extends to his people?

A queen and her cousin Mordecai are chief figures in the book of

religion was expressed most often in the ancient near east in the form of

what was the primary means of gods revelation?
history of israel

who is known as the father of history?

The jewish canon classifies the book of joshua as
former prophets

Heilsgeschichte refers to
salvation history

of what importance is the historicity of a biblical account?
it is a prerequisite for the truthfulness of theological assertions

those scholars who prefer to use the classification known as the hexateuch
classify genesis through joshua as a single unit

Martin Noth first developed what?
Deuteronomistic history hypothesis?

what is the date proposed for when Dtr2 completed his work?
550 B.C.

what is one of the major themes of Deuteronomistic history?
doctrine of retribution

which chapter of Deuteronomy is a “Bible” for the authors of the historical books?

one of the problems of the Deuteronomistic history approach is that
it assumes a 17th century B.C. date for the book

what do the books of joshua, judges, samuel, and kings have in common?
they use a concentration of repetition to structure their content

which 2 books are treated as one book in the oldest hebrew manuscripts?
Ezra and Nehemiah

who does jewish tradition credit with writing the book of ruth?

it is most likely that the book of Esther was written no later than then middle of the
4th century B.C.

what was the historical purpose of 1, 2 samuel?
to present the history of israels early monarchies

what was the historical purpose joshua?
to demostrate the value of obediences

what was the historical purpose of ruth?
to illustrate Gods sovereign care for faithful individuals

when joshua first appeared in the biblical record, he
led israels army to a military victory

in which chapter of the book of joshua does israel begin to settle the promised land?

what is the approximate time span of the events in the book of joshua?
20 years

according to jewish tradition, the author of the book of joshua was

the most likely date for joshuas death is
1200 B.C.

which city was not burned by the israelites?

what is the meaning of the word herem?
spoil of war

why was israel able to conquer canaan?
God kept his promise

what happened to joshua 30 days after the death of moses?
God appeared to joshua

to what place did joshua send spies?

who helped the spies that joshua had sent?
a prostitute

what was rahab instructed to do in order to be spared by the israelite army?
hang a red cord from her window

at what place did joshua and his troops camp after they had crossed the jordan river?

why did joshua set up a pile of stones as a memorial at gigal?
he wanted future generations to see God power

what was the covenant memorial that was done in joshua 5?
circumcision was done

what was to lead the march around jericho?
the ark of the lord

the battle plan of the israelites was to conquer first the
central area

what is the greatest demonstration of Gods grace to rahab?
she became an ancestor of christ

why did achan die?
he kept some of the bounty from jericho

the gibeonites tricked the israelites at
the city of gilgal

which place was part of the southern campaign?

jabin was the king of

for his faithfulness god granted calebs desire and gave him victory over

how many cities of refuge did israel have east of the jordan river?

how many cities did the levites receive in joshua 21?

what was joshuas portion of land?

for whom were the cities of refuge to be a protection?
one who had accidentally caused a death

what tribe received no land inheritance?

why did the eastern tribes build an altar at the jordan on their return home?
to remind the israelites in canaan that they were part of Gods people as well

what was joshuas exortation to the israelites in his second speech?
to commit themselves fully to God

whose burial is not recorded in the book of joshua?

how many judges make up the characters in the book of judges?

who were the judges?
military leaders

in which chapters of judges did civil war erupt?

what is the main reason israel failed to complete the conquest of canaan?
they were satisfied with what they did conquer

what did God do each time israel repented?
he provided a judge to deliver them

“the lord sold them into the hand of the enemy for 50 years.” to which part of the cycle of this belong?
war as judgement

the judge in the book of judges that was least decisive was

which judge was an exemplary judge?

what kind of a perspective on israel does the author of the book of judges have?

in which chapter of the book of judges are the problems of israel primarily internal?

which tribe was affected by gideons war with the midianites?

what would be the longest number of years that are covered in the book of judges?
350 years

the association of 23 members centered around a central religion shrine in delphi, greece, was called
an amphictyony

Martin Noth attempted to connect the 12 tribes to what?
an ancient greek system

what literary form is the book of ruth?

where was the home of ruth and naomi?

naomi left her home because of

the chapters is the book of ruth take the form of a
problem-solution framework

which does naomis name mean?
god is my delight

what was the chief function of a kinsman-redeemer
restoring sold property to the original family owner

which description best fits boaz?
filled with integrity

what was a levirate marriage?
a marriage of a widow and her husbands close relative

who is the central character in the book of ruth?

what did ruth and boaz name their son?

Who first had a military advantage because of metal weaponry?
The Philistines

The closest parallel to ancient Hebrew conepts is found in the literature of?
Of Mesopotamia

Which day of creation were the luminaries created?
Day 4

Which day of creation were the creatures of water and air created?
Day 5

Which day of creation was the fertile earth created?
Day 3

Obeying God’s law is a-
response to salvation

What is emphasized throughout all forty chapters of Exodus?
God’s presence

Why were the Israelites not ready to live in the promised land?
They were not prepared to live in God’s presence

What today fulfills God’s presence of dwelling with humankind?
The Holy Spirit

While the cross is cenral in the New Testament, the Old Testament has as the central event-
The Exodus

What biblical books would make up a Tetrateuch?
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers

What biblical books would make up a Hexateuch?
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua

What biblical books would maek up a Deuteronomistic history?
Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, 1 & 2 Kings

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