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Introduction This paper investigatesthe possible issues in self healing systems and how we can implement them inour network.

In thisnetworking world, self-healing explains that if any device or system which isnot operating correctly, can be restored to its normal position without humanintervention by making necessary adjustments. At present, developers arefinding the cost of servicing a product too expensive (in some cases it hascrossed the cost of the product), so they are trying to make such products thatcan be fixed on their own using self healing techniques. An Automatic Computingsystem discovers and analyses limitation. So it emphasizes on the process thata system should be able to recover from its failed position by detecting theerror component, then taking it offline to get fixed, and placing the rightcomponent in the system without any visible interference.Mainly self healingsystem focuses on four aspects: Self-configuration: Automatic management of elements; Self-healing: Automatic detection and diagnose the errors; Self-optimization: Mechanized observing and controlling the resources to make sure the proper functioning in accordance with the defined essentials; Self-protection: Proactive identification of the unstable situationThis self-healing systemsearches for zones in the network where it would initiate the restoring processand then rectifies the spot to achieve this healing. It must detect such eventthat triggers the adjustment during the operation.

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The whole procedure involvesexploitation of additional resources, reducing idle time, improving theperformance at background and preventing the external factors from the enteringthe network that can prove to be a potential risk to the system. Automatic Computingsystem uses self-healing adaptation to minimise the level of human supervisionand maintenance in the network. In today’s world thecomputing network has reached a new level of complexity due to which the humanefforts are seen less effective in running the network normally. If we speakof  the earlier years where the usage oftelephone increased rapidly, operators were asked to work on the manualswitchboards which was certainly not an automated device and it took ample timeto connect and it also increased the workload of the operators. So, it was avery big issue because the number of well-trained operators who can work withthe switchboards was low.  The same problem existedin other sectors at the same time.

The most convincing idea of self-directedtechnology came to be known as Automated Computing. We can say that this ideawas derived from the human nervous system as it automatically takes care andcontrol of the human body functions in different situations. Self-healing isamong the four controlled loops. According to a report, globally 30 billionpeople are expected to use connecting devices every year, all with some sort ofcapability and security. The huge amount of data has disturbed the government,business firms and other associations and it has slowed down their search offinding solutions to improve the functioning of  network. So a self-healing system which canfind the failures/errors and rebuild the system without any human interferenceis the prime need of the hour.

     Characteristics of Self Healing Network System: ·        In this network a system isautomatically aware of the available resources that it can access·        Also the capabilities andrestrictions are known and the reason for its connection with other system.·        The system is capable of adapting inthe new computing environment and it can also manage its componentsautomatically.·        Also the system makes the proper useof the available elements and performance is maintained.·        The problems that were encounteredare repaired by the system through different routing functions.·        Detection of faults, typeidentification and the protection of the network from external attacks so thatthe system security and its integrity is achieved.·        Friendly interaction with theadjacent network and proper implementation of communication algorithms is animportant feature.·        This system depends on openstandards and it cannot exist in a restricted environment.·        A transparent and clear procedure isfollowed keeping in view the requirements of the users.

 Challenges in Self-Healing System: ·        Faults diagnose and decision taking:Our system design should be capable of detecting the errors efficiently andbased on it, decisions should be taken accurately. In case the error is notdetected, the system breaks down.·        Recovery action: On detection of thebug, the sufficient amount of recovery is to be estimated and calculated in thesystem.·        Cost factor: We know that its primepriority is to reduce the cost yet its initial implementation is high.

·        Trust factor: There are manydoubtful aspects in this system as complete dependence without any humanintervention is required.   Trust Factors ·        The machine learning algorithms areassembled and linked to our networking environment for the correct decision tobe taken at in real time.·        Human involvement is least requiredfor the work completed by the self-healing system.  

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