Introduction and man-made causes. 2.2.a.Natural causes First and

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IntroductionThe environment hasbeen destroyed by human activities, and that leads to many severe problems,especial global warming. As defined by the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, globalwarming is “the increase in temperature of Earth’s atmosphere, that is causedby increase of particular gases, especially carbon dioxide.” According to VitalSigns Of The Planet (NASA), since late 19th century, the averagetemperature of our planet’s surface has risen 1 degree Celsius.

Global warmingalso affects both natural environment and human life. The National Oceanic andAtmospheric Administration (15th March, 2016) announced that thehigher temperature is, the higher number of natural disasters as droughts,intense storms and floods is. That resulted in from 1980 to 2015, USA lost over$5.2 billion to remedy global warming effects. This research paper, which isbased on secondary data, discusses the culprits of global warming, its effectsand suggests several solutions to this problem.2.

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   Discussion of findings2.1.What are the facts of global warming?A clear natural evidentfor global warming is increasing temperature. Earth’s temperature has changed yearby  year.

As reported by Luann Dahlman(September 11th , 2017), since 1970, global surface temperature has risenabout 0.17? in each decade, more than twice as quick as the period 1880-2015.The average world’s temperature was increased 0.94? in 2016. By 2030, scientistspredict that the heating imbalance caused by greenhouse gases begin to lose controlthe ocean’s thermal inertia, followed by unchecked carbon dioxide emissionslikely resulting in soar earth’s temperature.

Global warming takes place in allcountries in the world. For examples, in Alaska, Western Canada and Russia, thetemperature have increased at twice the global temperature; Arctic, in whichice is melting quickly, is expected to have a completely ice free summer; orthe Montana Glacier National Park, there were 150 glaciers in 1990, butnowadays, there are only 25 ones. 2.2.

Whatare the causes of global warming?Global warming is oneof the most common problems that come up when we think about climate change orenvironment contamination. The reasons causing global warming are divided intotwo groups: natural causes and man-made causes.2.

2.a.NaturalcausesFirst and foremost,volcanoes are one of the most tremendous natural factors that lead to globalwarming.

When volcanoes erupt, there is a large amount of ash and smoke such ascarbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, fluorine, ect are released in the atmosphere.The substances create an air layer covering around our planet. This layer willblock the process of solar radition escaping from Earth’s surface, and absorband keep heat. That leads to increasing in Earth’s temperature. According tothe British Geological Survey and the US Geological Survey (n.

d), about from100 to 300 million tones carbon dioxide are released each year by volcanicactivity both in underwater and land. The other naturalreason is water vapor. Water vapor is a type of greenhouse gas. It exists as athick blanket which consists of over 65% the gases in space.

The water vapor isunable to disappear, and thus causes climate change.2.2.b.Man-madecausesHuman activities aredestroying the environment. That leads to many problems such as air pollution,water pollution, soil erosion…, especially global warming. The primaryimportant human influence causing global warming is industrial revolution.

Thehigher the development of industry is, the higher demand for commodities is.More and more factories are set up. To run machines, the factories need to burna great number of fossil fuels as coal and gas, and discharge variety amount ofgases into the environment in both water, soil, and air. These gases are carbondioxide, methane and nitrous oxide which are the substances leading to risingtemperature.Additionally, anindispensable culprit is overpopulation. The world’s population has increasedquickly and quickly. Followed by that is the rising in the number of transportation.

Billions of vehicles burn fuels and release mixture gases into atmosphereeveryday. That causes earth to be hotter, and going up its average temperature.Besides, population explosion make global warming more severe because morepeople means we breath out more carbon dioxide, and releases more garbage.  Last but not least,deforestation is also a reason causing global warming. Forests provide us manyprecious profits as woods to produce papers, construct buildings; many economicvalue products as elephant’s tusks, rhino’s horns and medical value products asginseng, linhzhi, and antler.

To satisfy desire for a good and luxury life,people have exploited forests intensely. That leads to loss a large number oftrees. Loss trees means loss thee air purifier, and rising greenhouse gas. 

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