Introduction emission. (air and noise) iii. Enjoys health

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 IntroductionUNIKL MITEC is aneducational place that give the platforms towards people out there to furthertheir study. In order to attract more people out there to embrace themselves withthe platform served, they need to have a pleasant yet interesting environmentfor study.Generally speaking, nowadays,most of the students require transportation methods to move from one place toanother.

They used transportation to go outside of the campus for a general andleisure purposes. Transportation method is considerable as a compulsory tool towardsstudents nowadays but, yet not many of them can afford to have one especially carsand motorcycles. Apart of those two methods,bicycle is one of the methods that is often being mistook generally by theirusage concept and lower percentage of usage. This is due to the misshaped conceptof their general-purpose set by the Malaysian themselves. In supports, cycling isthe main method of transportation for only 5% for Malaysian whilst 30% for Singaporean.Next, utilitarian cycling is a concept where cycling isdone as a means of transport rather than as a sport or leisure activity. If studentswere to perform a larger share of their everyday travel by cycling instead ofdriving a car or going by other forms of motorised transport, they will experiencethose of the following beneficial:                                                       i.        Lower in purchaseprice compare to other methods.

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                                                     ii.        Less pollutionemission. (air and noise)                                                     iii.        Enjoys health benefits.

                                                    iv.        Less congestion.However,the willingness to cycle for quite distance may pose a daunting challenge formost of the students especially the less fitted one. They only obligedthemselves to use the bicycles for leisure or sport purposes and not intentionallyfor general purposes.  Apartfrom the regular bicycle, electrical bike in contrast, require less force tooperates which literally support the utilitarian cycling concepts in a mucheasier way.

It is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be usedfor propulsion. Plus, electrical bicycles make transportation process accessiblewhether you are fit or not.Thus, this study willfocus on revitalising the concepts of utilitarian cycling towards an advance level(electrical bicycle) and also to inculcate the utilitarian cycling habits amongstudents in UNIKL MITEC.Problem Statement –       Unavailability of transportation methodsMostof the student in UNIKL MITEC who stay in the hostel are having the difficultiesin going out to the nearest stores or shops due to their transportation unavailability.The public transportations are seen only as per schedule. Plus, the distancefrom UNIKL MITEC to the nearest store is slightly around 4 kilometers.

 –       Inefficiency of regular bicycleUNIKLMITEC is encompassed with the slope areas within its radius location. Regularbicycle operates in no issue in the targeted area except in the slope distance areawhich make students encounter difficulties for cycling using the regular bike. Cyclinga regular bicycle for a distance may be a burden towards most of the people whoare not physically fit to use them.

Huge consumption of muscle is compulsory tooperates the regular bicycle.  –       High renting costApartfrom carpooling, students have to spend money on taxi, Uber, Grab or car rentingservices in order to go to the nearest store or shops. The renting fee may beresulting a financial disruption towards students.  SinceMalaysia is lack of research studies on cycling system, thus, this study aimsto meet this research gap.   Research Objectives ·     To propose an advanced utilitarian cycling systemfor UNIKL MITEC.·     To introduce the usage of electrical bicycle inUNIKL MITEC.

·     To increase utilitarian cycling habits amongstudents in UNIKL MITEC. Research Questions ·     What are the identification in proposing anadvanced utilitarian cycling system for UNIKL MITEC?·     How to promote the usage of electrical bicyclein UNIKL MITEC.·     How to inculcate utilitarian cycling habitsamong UNIKL MITEC students? Scope of the study Firstof all, the scope of this study is limited at UNIKL MITEC and Persiaran SeriAlam area.

It also focusses on the students in UNIKL MITEC only. Therefore, theresult of this research may not be enough to represent another area or locationof study.     

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