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Last updated: September 23, 2019

Introduction TheEuropean Union, which has become the world’s largest economy after completingits economic integration, is one of the world’s most important markets in theenergy field. Today, oil and natural gas are the most important energy sourcesof the Union countries, and the Union countries import most of their needs inboth energy sources. Dependency on foreign countries creates problems in termsof energy supply security, and sudden price increases in energy sources areaffecting the economies of the member countries in a negative way. In additionto energy supply security, the fight against global warming, which causes environmentalproblems that affect the whole world, is among the issues that the EU considersimportant. The external dependency of fossil sources and the challenges ofglobal warming have led the Union to search for alternative energy sources.Renewable energy has come to the forefront as an alternative energy source;renewable energy sources have begun to take more place in the European Union’senergy policies (Kantörün, 2010).  Energysources are at the forefront of the basic inputs that are essential for theeconomic development of countries.

Sustainable energy policies aim to supplysecurity and diversify supply sources, as well as supply energy demand with lowcost, demanded quantity and quality. Today,87% of the world’s total energy production is covered by fossil fuels, 6% byrenewable sources and 7% by nuclear energy. Fossil resources (38.7% coal, 18.3%natural gas, 7.

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5% petroleum) account for about 64.5% of world electricityenergy production (BP, 2008). Renewableenergy sources are renewable, renewable energy sources. It positivelycontributes to increasing supply security, as well as reducing dependence onfossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, thedevelopment of the industry for renewable energy technologies contributes tothe economy by creating new employment opportunities (Energy in Process ofEuropean Union Process).

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