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 IntroductionVirtual reality is a type of digital reality, thisis a way to create environment designed for human interaction, and this is ofcourse different than our real world. Virtual reality gives us a way to createany environment for simulated interaction.

Anything we create like classroom,machine and anything for any purpose. Research has shown that, for learning physicalmotion, repeating a task reinforces learning Virtual reality an improvespersons senses, as a platform for mediated learning, provides instructions on-demand, allowing students to repeat difficult complex and real motions wheneverinstruction is needed and as often as is needed away from the social pressuresof a classroom setting.Learning adapts to the user’s schedule, goals, andspeed. Previous research has shown the affordance of on-demand learningprovides an advantage over face-to-face human interaction. While some virtualsystems have proven successful for learning, most VR systems lack the abilityto capture the user’s full range of motion, limiting their ability to fullyimmerse the user in the virtual setting. In contrast, fully immersive virtualreality allows for full mobility by capturing human motion and reproducing thesame motion in the virtual representation.

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We decided to approach the virtual reality theme;we will show the amount of areas this technology can influence and the variousthings that we do with it. We chose this because we want to raise awarenessthat Virtual Reality is a technology that will have a huge influence in ourfuture lives, the current mindset of most people is to believe that VR is onlyused for games but in reality, it has reached a point where it’s helping inmany fields of work such has medicine, architecture, helping the disabled andmany others.There are many sectors adopting virtual realityfor their improvement and success. Doctors using it for practice surgeryoperation and it is more cheaper than practicing on real surgery and less riskfactor. In education , the biggest change has been google expeditions, thereare thousands of lesson plan for kids. Kids are able to go on trip virtuallylike on surface of moon.

Corporate world using it for employee training becauseemployee can be trained with virtual machine how to operate and it will be avery cost effective. Air force and army also using virtual reality for militaryoperation and flight training. it is also reduce risk for getting injured andphysical harm.

Technology always been a game changer in humanlife but it has also some down size. If we talk about virtual reality thandefiantly it has a big impact on human life and many study has prove that it isreally giving positive result in places and these technology growing very fastto benefit in many sector. but as we know that it has also some negative aspectwhich we are going to talk later in these articleProblemarea:There are too many points to cover in thisarticle. If we talk about virtual reality than there are many question arisesin mind. What type of virtual technology is available? How does it work? Whatis there impact in our social life.

because as we know every Technology hassome downsize as well and if this technology is beneficial for our society thanhow.In today world it is mainly know as to play gameand watch movies. So it is used for something else? If it is used for somethingelse than what are that different areas where it is being used. There are manysectors adopting this technology than how this technology helping them.In health sector this technology has also beenadopted than the big question arise that with virtual reality what medical departmentdoes, with these virtual reality technology how doctors getting benefits andhow they are helping patient. The same question arise for other department likedefense, corporate world etc.

Virtual reality is also used to help disabledchallenged person than how it this technology helping disabled person. If wetalk about disabled person than there are variety of disability so questionarises does VR technology helping all kind of disabled person or only on somespecific case. How virtual reality make contribution in corporateworld. In this changing world companies are becoming more profit oriented andthey are becoming more professional. So does virtual technology for corporateworld help somehow? In which way it will help in cost reduction becausecorporate and business world more concern about budget and financialissues.  What is the main concern of VR technology in humansocial life, does it make any difference in social contribution if people usethis technology. What is the long term harm and benefits in social environment?Virtual shopping is also one of the major trends will be future.

So in futurewhere we see this technology. There are many areas to cover in virtual reality ,with their benefits and harms. So in these article we are going focus all ourproblems and question arises with this topic( VR Technology influence in ourlife.)  Virtual reality is being used in much different way.

If we talk about whatis their contribution in medical field including doctors and patient than abroad area comes up to discuss. There are many examples to prove that thistechnology has become a major contributor in medical field. This technology has been used to treat many patients in many ways andhelping doctors to perform their duties in more efficient way. It is used totreat phobias, reduce pain and even help doctors to perform surgery.Disable challenged person with virtual reality can do more thing which theycannot do in real life and it is all comes in a affordable price, for instance, with google cardboard headset and moile phone they can explore world and manytour virtually which is not possible for him in real life.

It might be possiblefor us to not sound good in any way, because we experience different thing inreal like holiday trip. But for disable person who cannot move and walk even asingle step it is quite difficult for him to go for world tour. They canexperience tour or other adventure with virtual reality and it will be a goodsatisfaction for them.Let us give one example danny kurtzman is an individual with musculardystrophy. He is always a fond of surfing; he never gave up his dream becauseof his disability.

He managed somehow with 10 people to lies down in on surfingboard and taken them into water. Recently he experienced virtual reality forsame purpose for surfing. The company called ‘specular theory’ helped him toexperience surfing in virtual world. In real life he can surf with the help ofsome people but in virtual world he can stand up on surfing board and feel theexcitement in differ way. It was a great experience for him. So in this wayvirtual technology really helped him to make some experience which he cannot doit in real life.There are also several research and article proves that how VR Technology makingcontribution in medical field. Psychiatrists at the University of Louisville,taking help of VR technology to help phobia patient like flying andclaustrophobia.

Phobia is type of mental situation where patient fear withsomething like from height they do not board in plan or if they board in plansomehow than they try to avoid to look outside from window because of phobia offear from height. With the help of Virtual Reality they can face the situation virtuallybecause phobia can be removed from mind only by facing situation in real life.PTSD(post traumatic stressdisorder) problem is being treated and using Virtual reality like phobia insolider to get out of this situation. There are many scenario has been createdfor solider to don’t go in depression or any type of shocks while having in dangeroussituation.

Pain management- doctors tryingto implement VR technology in pain management to distract patient mind. As researchhas proved that our mind  is onlysource  to feel pain. If mind distract insomething else than pain can be reduced easily. For burn victim in which painis a major issue, doctors using VR video game for burn victim to distract theirmind. A 2011 study showed that soldier with burn injuries VR game worked better than morphine. Desktop virtual reality is one of the most useful tools for physicalchallenged person who cannot move without wheelchair. Person on wheelchairnavigate a virtual world like busy street, shopping Centre.

They virtuallynavigate and move and face challenges which they are going to face in realworld. They wear a HMD (Head Mounted Display) and practice with input devicelike joystick and trackball. The aim ofthis technology is to make physical challenged person self-enabled andself-confident to live their life easily. This technology teaches them basicskills which they face in everyday life and to learn how to manage and facechallenges without any support. One of the major advantages is that it is verycost effective. To train trained on powered wheelchair we need to hire welltrained staff. And it will be not safe to practice in real world, because it takesmore concentration and focus.Now look atthis image below, a small child playing piano.

The Japanese VR manufacturescompany  FOVEis trying to raise fund to distributeVR Head set among the physical challenged children. This company has made a newturn in technology. Eye play the pianois one of the best work of Japanese VR headset manufacturer FOVE.Physicalchallenged children can play piano using eye movement while wearing theheadset. Fove’s eye tracking technology recognize the eye movement of users.The users blink on one of the many panels within the interface to trigger thepreferred note. This idea of using eye movement is not only for playing piano,this will open new ideas to use eye movement to perform different task whichwill be very helpful to others and specially for physical challenged people.

The four-year-oldcompany MindMaze got 100 million dollars investment to bring a Virtual realityhardware in market. The founder and CEO of MindMaze explain how theirtechnology will help stroke victim who lost their hand control from brain theycannot move hands. How these virtual worlds will help in healing process, andhow this will help in recovery. He explains and says that imagine like victimlost control of his left hand but still move his right hand . After wearingMindMaze goggles victim see a 3d image of her left hand or we can say a avatar ( a common word use in VR technology)of his left hand  when he moves his righthand than 3d images of his left hand also move the way he moves the right hand.The process of repeating this action help victim or in another word thisrepetition process trigger his brain area and says let’s regain the control ofthis hand. In this way patient can easily get control over his left hand. Autism is atype of mental condition in which patient feels difficulties in communicationwith other people.

They face problem in social interaction and they are soconfused by the world around them. There is no proper medicine for this mentalsituation and this cannot be recovered 100 percent. There are only some ways inwhich doctors can help them like therapies and exercises and some medication.VirtualReality technology has been added in medication and therapies process. It helppatient who are suffering from Autism to get some skills which is necessary forhis development. VR world can help them to learn before facing real world.There are one more benefits that it can be achieved in safe environment. A teamof researchers from the university of Haifa,Isreal has developed this virtualreality system.

There are too many features has been evolved in this. In whichAutism patient can experience real life challenges to face like traffic lightsand cars. They can learn how to cross roads and handles this type of crowdedsituation with too many people on street than how to walk and cross road inproper way without any support. They can face these challenges and learnwithout any dangers before experiencing in real life. There is one systemdeveloped in US which main focus is to improve social attention in austisticchildren. Patient wears VR headset  wherethey can feel like they are in classroom. They see images or avatar whodelivers an individual presentation. Images start fading if viewers look awayor loss interest.

The concept of this virtual reality is to just give them asense or practice to deal in real world.Virtualreality technology has also helped people who are facing particular vision impairmentsuch as stargardt’s disease ( a reduction in central detailed verson). They cansee world more Cleary with VR headset. Here is the link for the video in whichwoman can see her grandchildren after long year. In medical filed if we talk about Virtualreality than we also need to focus and cover the topic of how doctors getting influenceswith VR technology. When doctors decide or plan surgery they basically reallyon collecting data of series of 2D images to understand patient body parts.

They communicate with their college with this images and it become morecomplicated when too many people involve in single surgery. The EchoPixel  has created a software which is totally helps doctors to understand, discuss with college and understand patient ‘sanatomy and make plan for surgery with this 3d images. They can use a pointingdevice.

It is powered by Zspace technology and available from HP. They can usit while doing surgery in Operation Theater. Here it is look like   For moreinformation about this software follow this link below: Ahmed,co –founder of virtual medics and medical realities, is now able to train manydoctors with the help of Virtual reality technology.

Dr Ahmed in 2014 managedto reach 14000 doctors all over the world in surgical training program with thehelp of Google glasses. They streaming live session of surgical training. In2016 Dr Ahmed streaming a cancer surgery in which he removed a cancer colontumor in virtual reality. That video was shot in 360-degree.his philosophy  is because of technology changing forgetabout one to one training and go for one to many at a time. Dr Ahmed’s companyis working on project world’s first interactive VR training module forsurgeons.

Anotherexample which also prove that how VR technology changing life of doctors andmaking ease his task. Doctors in china also used VR technology to do operationand got help from doctors which was thousands of miles away.  Doctors did surgery of bone fracture in Bortala,situated in Northwest of china.

The chief doctor ye Zhewei  was available at same time in Wuhan nearly2300 miles away from Bortala.he was capable to follow or give instruction inVirtual reality headsets and marked on a 3D image instructions for hiscolleagues to follow. The patientof that surgery explain the situation that all system of my body become 3Dimages and was very for me to understand my conditions. Dr Ya states that itsaved a lot of money and time to fly from his place to main hospital whereoperation was going to operate. CorporateworldVirtualreality has also been a big contribution in corporate world. specially in fieldof corporate training and online learning. There is no doubt that real trainingis more effective than theoretical definitely gives better outputbut as research always show that company spend a lot on employee training theyspend much time money and effort to make his employee perfect for his job.

Because of this reason some companies make agreement or type of bond thatemployee will  not leave company in certainperiod of time if they leave it that they will have to pay a certain amount ofmoney depends on agreement. Some time practical training too risky, dangerous,and some time it become difficult to perform in firs timeThe primaryreason for organization to choose VR to use is that it is more cost effective,create virtual training zone and learn many thing and practice it virtuallywithout any risk factor.Lets discusesbenefits of Virtual reality training:Decreasesrisk factor- the one of the major benefits of virtual reality is to decreaserisk factor.

There are many industries like fire brigade, some metalindustries, oil factory and many mores where always pay attention on majorsecurity because of high risk of accident. These industries focus too much of employeetraining on regular basis. With the help of VR Technology it will be easy forthem to train their staff on safety majors.

Visualapproach- it is very useful for employee while training that if they facechallenges in real and learn. They learn from theoretical part but they need toimplement in real scenario for practice. With the help of VR Technology theyare able to perform real task by facing virtual challenges like real. Making tasksimple- with the help of visualize approach too many task can be simplified. Theycan practice and repetition process while in training to get addicted for thatsituation where they are going to perform in real.Remote access-virtual Reality is a creation of simulate world where really we don’t need realclassroom or dedicated place for training. This can be done remotely and cansave more money and time and last not least time. Now we willfocus on some example where companies has already adopted VR technology andstarted giving training to their employee and some are about to start.

 Walmart –the world largest retailer had paln by end of 2017 thry will use VR instructionin 200 walmart academy centre all over the U.S. they trying to make VR trainingis a integral part of Walmart employee. Walmart has developed many VR trainingmodule like management training and customer service training. Employee canlearn through VR headset and they can face too many challenges like in busyhour how they are going to fit himself in worst situation. This also include thesituation where checkout operator scan items and make bills, there will behuddle like after scanning wrong item or doubled scanned same item than howthey will delete from the system and how they can help customer.United Rentalis one of the biggest equipment rental company in north America.

They providemultiple solutions to the business including industrial and construction sitesequipment. Company run one week training program for their new employee. They arenow testing to VR technology to complete training in shorter time and in morecomfortable zone. In VR training scenario new staff will stand on construction sitesto look what part of equipment is missing then manager of those sites comesnear him and they have to offer his company deal and start selling product onthat scenarioFarmersinsurance-  when Farmers claims officerentre a house to investigate the damages of leaky sink they generally goes tokitchen , bent over and open the cabinet and try to find out the problem. This isa normal job for claims officer in daily life but Framers new staff not goingin field area first to learn this stuff.

In Farmers first pilot trainingprogram they are going to use Virtual Reality Headset and performing his dutiesat the office.Farmers insurancehas invested $ 400,000 in software and hardware to support Virtual Realitytraining for his new claims officer trainee staff. Roughly 50 new employees hastaken this training through VRtechnology.  Through this way claims officer learn and findhe fault and place where damages happened and they evaluate how much claimsneed to be granted. Jessica Decanio director of claims training department saysin traditional training program they have two stories building where new claimsinspector takes training, they usually create scenario to damages building andtrain staff to investigate the fault and grant how much cost to sanction forclaims but after introducing VR training approach with the help of VR Company Talespin now we have a broad area totrain our staff like six stories building and more than 500 fault scenario wherestaff investigate the matter and learn.

In this way new staff learns very fastand chance for mistake in real life become very less because of one mistake or miscalculationof money grant for damages can cost too much for company and it will be a bigloss. Jessicaexplains further that staff satisfaction has also gone up. They are trying tocompare the skill and satisfaction label between tradition training and VirtualReality training. but she add more that til now what is got review for VRtraining is positive and trainee staff is more satisfied than previous staff member.Another benefits of VR training is that they are able to record all trainingprogram and they can investigate later that what wrong action was taken by traineeand easy for them to explain that scenario and even good for trainee to learnfrom his previous mistake.


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