Introduction: in five children in reception and one

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Introduction:  Thepurpose of my project will be to ascertain specifically the impacts on oureconomy if the level of obesity continues to rise.

My report will focus on costand impacts on obesity without going into depth on the medical side of obesity suchas the causes and treatments however they will be mentioned briefly with a holisticview of costs and impacts.  The level ofobesity in the United Kingdom has swiftly stretched to an unprecedented high with one in every four adults suffering from it.It has also drastically increased with 68% of men and 55% of women being classedas overweight. 26% of adults were classed as inactive (<30 minutes of activityconducted per day), one in five children in reception and one in three childrenin year 6 were again classed as obese as of 2016. (There is little sign of thisascendant trend stopping, and undoubtedly it will have a substantial effect on ourcountry. It will undesirably disturb the slowly recovering economy since the2007/8 recession. The prominence on obesity as a health predicament has becomemore and more discernible over that past years. Calculating obesity is carriedout via the use of BMI or body mass index which considers the height and weight.

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Obesity cannot be classed as a stand-alone disease it branches of too numerousother such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea and high cholesteroland blood pressure to name a few. Literature review:  The current extent of obesity in the United Kingdom is of analarming nature. According to Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives (a government strategyto aim to reduce obesity) it is predicted that by 2050 60% of the populationwill be obese (Department of Health, 2008). Despite statistics intensifying thesocial cause of obesity mustn’t be disregarded.

This does not mean obesity isnot an issue but being classed as obese is continuously changing over the yearsthus a larger number of people as placed into that category. Gordon Brownintroduced a ‘Healthy weight, healthy lives’ policy to attack the obesity catastrophein 2008. Over 20 years the aim is to reduce obesity by certain levels they havecategorised. To carry this out he planned to upsurge the access andopportunities to enable people to make healthy choices. From an economic side heplanned to reduce the information gap between health experts and the public.

This is an easy, relatively cheap (compared to other methods such as subsidisationand monetary policies) and effective method however there is always a time lagregarding the success of this method. The time lag will depend on the current informationcurrently available.  Another issueraised with this policy is that assistance is required to make the right selections,for example the ability to pin point the cause of an individual obesity occurrencecan significantly assist with the understanding of how to reduce their weight.Simply putting the information out there may not be simply enough. Expert criticswithin this field commented on the dependency on an individual’s confidence isessential thus more emphasis is required rather than a general focus on theobese population. 

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