Introduction into an uncontrollable vicious circle which may

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 IntroductionWe Russian Empire, as a world state with very strong roots and traditions reaching from the South Seas to Polar Regions and from the Pacific Ocean to Baltic Sea, we were aware of size our power and thus the responsibilities brought by this capacity to protect world order on a peaceful path.  As Russian Empire, our very first principle is always to keep peace and to avoid unnecessary conflicts.  We are aware of that administrating a state is a highly risky and therefore a critical task which does not tolerate novice and irresponsible moves.   We know that the state declarations are the very significant parts of constructing our relations with our neighbors and/or – to whom it may concern- in any intergovernmental situation.   As a matter of fact, those irrational or miscalculated state declarations may cause redundant controversies and unpredicted battles. And Russian Empire has the very deep historical experience to know that any small conflict should not be underestimated just because a simple friction match may cause several multi escalations with unprecedented, unprescribed and undesirable outcomes.

  Moreover, Russian Empire has the wisdom that once the war reveals it may not be really possible to calculate each conclusion, even the war may grow into an uncontrollable vicious circle which may create everlasting damages which does not provide any real benefit for any government or the people of any country.   As Russian Empire, perpetual peace was always our first wish in the world system and in bilateral relations among countries.  Not only for our policy but we also encouraged our neighbors and allies in Europe to behave in a similar pattern. As mother Russia, we are aware of that Idealism is meaningless without realism.

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  We have constructed our all wishes based on idealism and peace; this does not necessarily mean that our policy will ignore the realist and anarchic structure of world order.  If war is necessary than the discourse of peace is just the pretext of shakes and funks.     Once we show our good intention and friendly approach to interlocutor states, deservedly we expect the equivalent attitude from the other state that we would like to perceive as the ally of Russia.  The behavior which will never tolerate is interpreting Russian Empires mercy as weakness and well-mannered stance as cowardice. Additionally, as Russian policymakers, we have a sophisticated historical and political knowledge which we learnt throughout our noble struggle of existence on Eurasian steps; “the safety of Russian motherland starts from the Polar seas of North Atlantic to hot waters of Iberian Peninsula, from the deserts of North Africa to the vast Indian Ocean.

”  Thus, as a major world power, even primarily we have to guard the security of Russian territories first; we also have to be very attentive about any small mobilization or conflict around us and/or within the territory of entire Europe.  We shall not allow any mistake whether it is a careless amateur action or an indicator of a deliberate bad intention, neither around our mainland Empire nor in any place in Europe. Last but not least; Russian Empire evaluates the security as a whole and we believe in that security has a core dimension called “mutual trust”. Therefore, all diplomatic declarations, on time communication messages, all other military actions closely correlated to trust and those all build together the Security of Russian Empire.

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