Introduction is a government officer at Land Reform

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Introductionto SOP and Family BackgroundItgives me a great pleasure to write this statement of purpose to study Master ofInformation Technology (MIT) in Charles Sturt University (CSU), which isconsidered as one of the acclaimed universities of Australia along with itsoutstanding academic background.Regardingmy introduction, I, Mr. Harish Chand, son of Mr. Keshab Bahadur Chand and Mrs.Manju Chand, am a permanent resident of Bhimdutt Municipality, Ward No. 15,Kanchanpur District that lies at the far western region of Nepal. I was born onSeptember 04, 1994 and live in a nuclear family consisting of my father, Mr.

Keshab Bahadur Chand, my mother, Mrs. Manju Chand, and my elder sister, MissSunita Chand and I. My father is a government officer at Land Reform Departmentof Nepal where he has been dedicatedly working for more than 25 years. Hisperennial and excellent skills and efforts have helped him to achieve positiverecognition till now. My mother is a housewife. She is committed and managesthe health and wealth of the family.

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My elder sister works as a seniorassistant at Sanima Bank Ltd, an “A” Class Commercial Bank. She has beenworking there for more than 3 years and received a very good commendation. I amfortunate to be a part of a loving and caring family who supports me all thetimes I need them.

Therefore, my decision to pursue my post-graduation studiesin Australia is obviously because of the supportive hands of my family. AcademicBackground and Work ExperienceElucidatingmy academic career, I completed my schooling from “United Public SecondarySchool” in 2010 with first division obtaining 71.63%. I joined my highschool shortly after in one of the well known high school in all over Nepal, “KathmanduModel HS School” undertaking the science course. I secured 72.7% marks andcompleted my high school in 2012. I was able to maintain my credibility instudies with my sincerity and seriousness towards my studies.

After a greatdeal of self-evaluation of my interest and aim, I decided to pursue my undergraduatestudy in Bachelors in Information Management from St. Xavier’s College which isaffiliated with Tribhuvan University. I completed my bachelor’s degree withCGPA of 3.42 out of 4 in 2016.

With all my academic achievements throughout mycareer, I am proud to acclaim that I never had backlogs and completed each yearof my study with steady and distinguished results.

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