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Last updated: September 20, 2019

IntroductionFocusing on the issues of the global apparelsupply chain and Bangladesh apparel sector, we examine the current situation ofBangladesh apparel chain. This case study’s objectives are to investigatesupply chain such as new orders, logistics related to finished goods delivery,lead time in ordering and receiving items, and compliance issues and howapparel industries process reverse logistics. The challenge is now to offer high-quality and low-cost products withina short lead time and to meet health, social and environmental compliances inthe face of increasingly stiff competition. Like other apparel industries inthe developing world, Bangladeshi apparel manufacturers have faced increasedscrutiny by the foreign buyer in recent years. There have been growing concernsof community impact such as efficient use of local transport through lesstraffic congestion, noise, health and safety issues, minimum wage and childlabor issues in the workplace. Apparel manufacturers are sacrificing workingconditions in the factory to reduce manufacturing cost. To achieve economicperformance, these industries are overlooking the natural environment andsocietal issues of the triple bottom line. (Elkington, 2004)Company Overview The journey of Shanin group began in 1991 witha handful of sewing machines to produce woven products in small scale.

Sincereefforts, constant strive towards efficiency and commitment towards highestlevel of quality fueled the growth of Shanin to become one of the iconicready-made garment and textile industries of the country employing over 11500skilled workers in 14 concerns and has an annual revenue earning surpassing 127million US Dollars (2011). All units of Shanin thrive for excellence in woven,Interlining and casual wear manufacturing, washing, dyeing, garment accessorymanufacturing, printing & packaging, embroidery & screen print,transporting, clearing & forwarding and fashion wear retailing. The product categories of Shanin group are-men casual and formal wear and women wears. Their customers are- Debenhams,BHS, Mark & Spencer, Tesco, Primark, Oxford USA and Kenvelo.

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