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Introduction            The second theorist video I chose towatch is “Madeleine Leininger – Transcultural Nursing Care.” In this video,Leininger discovered the importance of the quality of caring in nursing. Shebelieves that “caring is the modality of nursing” (Madeleine Leininger – Transcultural Nursing Care video file,2012). Leininger experienced what she described as “cultural shock” when shebegan to work as a children clinical specialist where the children that came tothis setting came from many different cultures and expressed their behavior andneeds in different ways. Leininger then realized that something is missing innursing and this something is culture. This is how she came to developed theCulture Care Diversity and Universality theory. Her goal is to provide care topatients consistent with their cultural values and beliefs.Agreeor Disagree with Theorist            In the video, Leininger stated thatin order “to understand patients, the nurse must understand their culturalbackground” (Madeleine Leininger –Transcultural Nursing Care video file, 2012).

I agree with her becausenurses who understands and values their patients’ cultural background will beable to provide a more specific quality of care that is individualized andmeaningful to patients with diverse cultural background. In addition, innursing practice, nurses provide holistic care. This means planning care thatmeets our patient’s individual needs.

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To do so, nurses must understand theirpatient’s cultural differences in their care plans. Leininger mentioned thattying culture and care plans together will provide nurses with quality specificcare based on patient’s culture and needs. It is important for nurses to beculturally competent to make their patients feel being known for and cared foras an individual in this culturally diverse population.Surprised            It was interesting to find out fromthis video about the limitation of Leininger’s theory. She stated that thelimitation is directed on “how to get nurses to be comfortable” or prepared forculture care nursing (Madeleine Leininger– Transcultural Nursing Care video file, 2012). She mentioned that ifnursing fails to recognize the cultural aspects of the patients, nursingpractice will be less effective and patients will not be satisfied with theircare.

To Leininger, “care is the essence and heart of nursing” (Madeleine Leininger – Transcultural NursingCare video file, 2012). There is no cure without caring and with caringthere is a cure. The purpose and goal of Leininger’s theory is for nurses tounderstand diverse cultural backgrounds in regards to health and well-being ofpatients.

Attaining knowledge and skills, that are culturally based, can helpnurses provide culture specific care. In order to do or become a culturallycompetent nurse, the nurse must first have the interest to become competentculturally before he or she can take the next necessary steps to attain it.Recommendation            Iwould definitely recommend watching “Madeleine Leininger – TransculturalNursing Care” to my colleagues and other nursing students. In this video,Leininger discussed the background of her theory and how she came to developedit. Because of the “culture shock” she experienced as a children clinicalspecialist, it gave her an idea to expand nurses’ knowledge and understandingof diverse cultures that the healthcare field was lacking in the 1950s.

WithLeininger’s theory, she intended to promote a better relationship between thenurse and the patient because the nurse is the one who provides care and assistthe patient mainly while he or she is receiving care. Her objective is toencourage nurses to culturally educate themselves to be able to provideindividualized, culture specific care to their patients.Conclusion            Thevideo provided me a better understanding on how valuable culture is toincorporate in providing care for our patients. United States is a country withever-increasing multicultural population.

Being knowledgeable about differentcultures plays a very important role for nurses on how to provide care fortheir patients. Nurses must understand their patient’s cultural background whendeveloping their plan of care. To most patients, their culture is what makesthem an individual and it affects their health tremendously, even theirresponse to treatment and care. With the help of Leininger’s theory, nurses cantruly see how a patient’s cultural background is connected to his or her healththen use this knowledge to develop a plan of care the will help the patientrecover quickly.ReferencesMadelineLeininger – Transcultural Nursing Carevideo file. (2012).

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