Introduction:-Local a network for Jeep showroom, where there

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Last updated: September 13, 2019

Introduction:-Local Area Network is set of devices that commonly portion a often communication bonding. These LAN can be shared within the respective area. Basically we share LAN at home, office as it can be shared in a particular ranged area.Local area netwrok will be hold on wired connections, From WAN to Router then it will be shared locally.

I am structuring a network for a small firm City Jeep showroom.Requriments:-Routers, VPN, Switches, Server, Cables, Electronic Devices.SOL:-L -Design:- P -Design:-IP Add:-For SYDVLANIP rangeSubnet MaskDefault GatewayNo. of utilizable add1 – Admin192.168.

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168.2.11271 – Server192.168.3.2192.168.3.

127255.255.255.0192.168.3.1127Team Members192.



1510For Mel:-VLANIP rangeSubnet MaskDefault GatewayNo. of utilizable add1 – Server192.168.2.


168.2.1127Team Members192.168.3.128192.168.3.


1127Security features and policies:-First of all as the above implementation is with wired connections so its much secure than wireless. So when it comes to wired communication the firewall will be available in devices for threat occurrence.The above physical diagram explains about the connection and structure or design of network for SME.I have created a network for Jeep showroom, where there are two branches, one is supposed to be at Syd and another in Mel.

So, basically it is Admin, Server and Team members.No limitation per day download or upload, but there is a access control features. Only complete access can be done my ofcourse Admin and rest can be by server. There are some websites which have restricted to use (i,e; Facebook,etc).

N/w Topo:-Redundancy and Failover Plan:- In future if there and problem with network, there is noo need to correct from main side or network. There are ways to rectify and forfeit the problem. Likewise in hardware and software there should be updated softwares and backup of vital informations, so when any failure occurs the backup will rectify the issue.Analysis and Evaluation:-I have designed a small and medium sized ent, with the assistance of Local area network and Wide area network.

Verification for this can be done in Boson Netsim(software) on PC.The major thing which is missing is wireless connection which is actually a advantage for no security break attack.We have used IPv4, as they are outdated there may or may not be snag.

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