INTRODUCTION media components such as TV, Web, computers

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Last updated: February 17, 2019

INTRODUCTIONThesedays’ mass media plays a key part in expansion of globalization process. Themedia components such as TV, Web, computers etc. are considered to have afundamental impact on globalization.

Moreover since of globalization preparenowadays there is an expanded get to a wide extend of media, which plays anexceptionally vital part in forming human minds and has an monstrous effect onour society’s individual lives. Hence these two similarly critical formsconnected with each other and give shared help in the extension of the circleof impact. Additionally, before the press media had come into pictureindividuals utilized to communicate by writing letters and sending them todirect mails. The appearance of press media came as an enlightening revolution.

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This early press media got to be a source of information, advancement andprojection. It was specialized in differing circles and was focused on all theissues concerning day by day lives and well beings. Press teaches individualsaround worldwide happenings, entertainment, political and sports events. Afterthe press media radio and television had been found, which lead us to adistinctive kind of transformation. Presently individuals could not as it wereperused but too listen and see the news.

A later survey states that around 59%of America’s population gets the world news on television out of which 37% isthrough cable and 22%through broadcast. As specify in the site “Media UtilizeStatistics”. In this report effects of globalization through media is going tobe discussed. The positive as well as the negative side to it. KEYTERMSGlobalization: The increase oftrade around the world, especially by large companies producing and tradinggoods in many different countries. As well as available goods and services, orsocial and cultural influences, gradually becoming similar in all parts of theworld. EFFECTSOF GLOBALIZATION THROUGH MEDIA Informationtechnology has helped mass media to disseminate their news all over the worldwhich has globalized the entirety world. Internet is the extraordinaryadvancement of information technology which makes a difference in scatteringthe news/art/culture from one portion one portion of the world to the other.

Mass media and information technology have affected the process ofglobalization in distinctive ways. To explain more, globalization is thedissemination of trade, culture, news and information from one place toanother. Mass media and information technology have collectively affected theprocess of globalization by making the handle of globalization faster thanever. Internet is the medium through which mass media scatter news andinformation in fair seconds. In case we compare the modern globalization withprevious globalization we would know diverse stages of present dayglobalization.

It took ages to information and news to reach the targetpopulation or other parts of the world. Information technology has given freeforums on the internet which can be utilized to spread the news in fair minutesand seconds. In this way, we can say that information technology and mass mediahave affected the process of globalization by making it more rapid.·        POLITCIS AND ECONOMICMass media is verydynamic on online platforms. There are diverse online platforms which connectdistinctive information sources and they can share their information and newswith each other. This entirety process is named as globalization and we all haveseen different online platforms which are doing their best in collecting truenews and information from the dependable sources and distributing it on the webon different platforms of mass media.

Thus, other counties news and the latestevents happening are in reach, as we are all connected through media.  On the other hand for economic, we can see effectsof media and information technology can be seen in how they made the world aninternational marketplace. To explain 

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