Introduction my opinion, I think films should not


definition of violence is the behavior
involving physical force intended to hurt or damage someone or something an
example of this that you could see in a film is someone punching a hole in the
wall out of anger. For this reason, violent films have been surrounded by a lot of controversies
that has cause moral panic and “copycat
killings”. To combat this the BBFC classify films with age ratings to protect
children and vulnerable adults that could be harmed when watching violent films
whilst some people would like to ban films all together as they believe that
watching violent films make you a violent person in the real world. In my opinion, I think films should not be banned for
the violence in them as they are theories to back up that those violent films do not make you violent like the uses and gratification
theory and active audiences. But I do understand that they are other theories
to that are used to justifying banning violence
in a film like the hypodermic needle
theory and passive audience. The examples I will be using are clockwork orange,
American psycho, and fight club. Overall, I do not want to ban violent films, I rather support
violence within films.

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Audience theories


Needle Theory

There are various ways to receive information from film and
tv and with the hypodermic needle theory, it suggests
that the audience just accepts the meaning from the media text without
questioning them or giving them more thought. It suggests that media texts only
actually have one meaning and because the audience is passive they are
instantly accepting of these messages and does not take into account individual
differences and suggest we are all the same. An example of this is the film A clockwork
orange, the clockwork controversy stated that Violence and crime
were on the increase during the time A
Clockwork Orange was produced. The
problems started when the press reported a spate of supposed copy-cat crimes.
The first and most famous of these was the case involving a 16-year-old boy called James Palmer who had
beaten to death a homeless person. This is using the hypodermic needle theory,
stating that because of the violence in
these films it encourages the people that watch it and do the same. The problem
with the hypodermic needle know is that the theory
was developed in the 1920s and 1930s and was used to see the effects of propaganda in ww1 and the audience is way more active now then it was in 1930 as
media has evolved.



and Gratifications

Uses and
Gratifications In complete contrast to the hypodermic needle theory are the uses and gratifications models. Uses
and gratifications suggest that people are active, they watch films their own


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