Introduction-The 2.Real time alerts. 3.End to end connection.

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Last updated: August 22, 2019

Introduction-The modern day cars come with the features that let you monitor car health and location from a smartphone with the help of telematic services, but what if you have an older car and you want to retrofit it with these modern features, don’t worry, Zubie is here to save the day.Zubie connected car service makes it possible with the  Zubie Key and Zubie application on your smartphone. Zubie Key can be plugged into car’s OBD-II port,something you’ll find on every other car made in 1996 or later. The key scans the internal data of the car and routes itself to Zubie mother-server using the built-in GPS and data connection. This data is then processed and forwarded to the smartphone application for display and monitoring purpose.Zubie also provides their services for small and medium sized businesses, fleets of 2-200 vehicles, OEM manufacturers, service centers, automotive dealerships and insurance carriers through their powerful fleet management tools that are easy to use, affordable and accessible.They also provide customer service through their website as well as with the help of the application for any issue related to Zubie Key or any other query.

Apart from their own website, the products could be bought from various other stores as well like Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart.Products and Services-The Zubie Key is the backbone of the company and is responsible for the reputation in Internet of Things associated products.Through Zubie Key, the company extends its innovative services to various sectors like for small businesses, fleets, for auto dealers, for auto insurance, for developers and for data insights and at last for personal use.For Auto Dealers-           The Zubie helps in three major areas to elevate the business of auto dealers by           1.Increased retention and revenue.

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          2.Real time alerts.           3.End to end connection.                      By giving your customers the full control over their car, making driving easy, safe and           less expensive, elevate your business by giving them value for money. Whether it is low           battery alerts or check-engine lights, real time location checks, recent activity reports on           family members, saving up on gas or driving scores,each of the additional feature you           provide in return earns you more trust of customers, hence elevating business to another               level.Zubie Insights- Automotive Data Licensing-            Zubie Insights makes use of numerous data points                           

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