Introduction: the other side. On the other hand, according

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 Introduction:                By thelegislative power vested in a bicameral body, the Congress of the Philippines,Martial Law in Mindanao has been approved for extension as requested by PresidentRodrigo Duterte for a year, or until the end of 2018 during the 17thCongress last December 13, 2017.4 With a 240 against 27 votes fromthe lawmakers, it has been proven to have sufficient reason to extend the said martiallaw. 5For the second time that the extension has been raised, itis relevantly significant to promote the peace and order in Mindanao even afterthe war in Marawi City which lasted for about five months.

1 Thepalace highlighted that their primordial concern is the public safety, but whatare its implications to the people in Mindanao? Has it implicated a sense ofsecurity or anxiety? 1st subquestion: What is the main reason for extending the Martial Law?According to Sen. Franklin Drilon, who has been against thislaw since its first approval, there is no more “actual rebellion or publicuprising” anywhere in the country. “There are only threats at this point,” saysDrilon. He is one of the 27 lawmakers from the other side. On the other hand,according to Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Menardo Guevarra, “it is notbased on an assessment of an existing threat, but on the basis of a continuingactual rebellion.” Despite the fall of the Maute group in Marawi, rebellion stillexists on some other areas in Mindanao. In fact, there’s a massive recruitmentamong other ISIS-inspired groups such as the BIFF (Bangsamoro Islamic FreedomFighters) and the BaSulTa (Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi) to name a few.

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Thus, thereasonable cause for this extension is the Continuing Actual Rebellion and notjust a mere Threat. 5 2nd Subquestion:Shouldn’t be Martial Law a last option to maintain peace andorder?As for some senators, this might become a habit of theexecutive committee to carry out martial law if theres’s a slight conflict in thecountry. The Filipino people have been so indignant with this because of whathappened during Marcos’ regime.

6 It is undeniably a nightmare forevery Filipino to undergo such an inhumane treatment. Being in a strongposition of power is another story. And that is what most people are anxiousabout. No one wants to commit the same mistake again after all. 3rd subquestion:What is the economic impact of Martial law in the Philippines?Despite the war in Marawi City, the government still holdssolid control of the government installation and major infrastructure on theisland. The stock market is doing well presently.

Furthermore, the country’scredit will not be affected because of its firm macroeconomic fundamentals. “MartialLaw ensures the protection of these facilities for the business transactions tobe left unaffected,” says Finance Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez III. Hence, amidstthe battle in Marawi, the Martail law has no significant impact on thePhilippine economic prospects near-term, according to the credit watchdog Moody’sInvestors Service.

2 Generally, Extended Martial Law in Mindanao is more of aboon to the society specifically for the people of Mindanao. It promotes safetyamong the public and a sense of security for every individual. Under Duterte’sadministration, the fear of repeating the history will just remain as is fornow until proven wrong.

Despite all these, the administration is looking afterthe welfare of the majority. Davao is a good example of how President Duterterules, being the 5th safest city in the world. 3   References: 1 BBC News. (2017, June 22). Philippines Duterte: Martail law extended in Mindanao. 2 GMA News. (2017). Economic impact of Mindanao martial law limited, says Moody’s. 3 Hegina, A. J.

(2015, June 24). Davao City improves to 5th in ranking of world’s safest cities. 4 (2017, December 13).

Congress extends martial law in Mindanao to end of 2018. 5 Santos, E. P. (2017, December 13). Congress grants Duterte request to extend Mindanao matial law until end of 2018.

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