INTRODUCTION: they support and cooperate to each other.

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INTRODUCTION:I am working in mac’s convenience store as a cashier. I have avery positive experience over there. First of all, the staff and all employeesas well as my manager is very polite and hard worker.

If someone has anyproblem they support and cooperate to each other. Definitionof human resource:ü  Humanresource is a significant department which play essential role in firm and the focusof HR department is to hire or fire a staff and people of organisation.ü  Employeesbenefits and set a new orientation for workers and workers report their workafter completion to this branch.ü  Everysuccessful business there is a human mind or efforts and continues hard work ofmany people these people are trained or selected by this specialised department.ü  Other thanthis, it also plays a vital role in case of some uncertainty and misshaping.

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five processes or practices of human resourcesrequirement and selectionIn the first step mac’s store advertiseor post their job on websites like kijiji or indeed about these vacancies andthat requirements are to hit this job. Who are interested in job they droptheir resume in store than they received a call for an interview. I did a sameprocess to get my job luckily, I satisfied my manager and he hired me for thisjob.Training and developmentThis is a first time that I got a job andI took a training about customer service like how to treat customers and how tohandle them and help them if they have any problem or question. I learned manynew things and developed new skills for example cleaning of machines, how tomake coffee and many more that developed new personality and attitude.Performance managementPerformance management is a process ofimproving your performance on daily basis and learn a new way to improve it. Whichhelp us to achieve a company target in the specific period apart from this goodperformance pay off everyone with more interest, good relations with managementand rewards.

This is a one of the most important tool or key to achieve yourand organisation goals.Equal opportunityEqual opportunity means that to give equalchance to everyone in organisation. The equivalent open doors are not about themeasures of number of ladies in the best administration, it is about thegenuine approach of the association towards its distinctive gatherings ofrepresentatives. Ordinarily, the ladies would prefer not to be elevated to the bestadministration, they simply need to be regarded and they need to get thecomprehension from the business for their diverse needs and their distinctiveway to deal with tackling the issues. Work life balanceOne of the important thing is tomaintain their personal and professional life together means that personal orprofessional life does not interrupt each other. As I am working in macs I maintainmy professional and personal life together my personal life does not Couse myprofessional life and professional life does not disturb my personal life. It isa hard task to do but work life balance is much important in life.

Key demographics and employees concerns four issuesThe effect of theeconomyWhile financial pointers have enhancedin nations around the globe, numerous associations keep on feeling a strain ontheir financial plans. This will impact contracting procedures and other HRchoices. Likewise, expanded globalization and political distress in a fewlocales will keep on making monetary vulnerability the “new typical.”Communication barrierIn multinational companies mostly, employeesface big problem of communicate in other language for example as I am internationalstudent and working part time in macs store sometimes I face this problem to inmy workplace because of English is a third language to me.New developmentsin technologyThis is a big concern too inorganisations. Many employees who working since old time they do not have aknowledge of some new technology. So, they face a problem and it’s difficult toupgrade their knowledge and adopt these changes by them.

A rising sense ofinsecurityWith innovation, information securityconcerns emerge for both boss and representative. Organizations confront thedanger of information ruptures or dangers to worldwide supply chains. In themeantime, the dread that specialists may end up in a physically hazardouscircumstance is additionally genuine, as we see more episodes of workingenvironment brutality and political or social insecurity in places whereassociations work together and have staff.    

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