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IntroductionDove is a brand owned byUnilever and was started in the United Kingdom. Dove products are manufactured allover the world with countries such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada,China, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Mexico,Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, andUnited States. Their products are sold in more than 80 countries and areoffered for both women and men.  Their product line includes:antiperspirants/deodorants, body washes, beauty bars, lotions/moisturizers,hair care, and facial care products.

 I have chosen the DoveCampaign called “Real Beauty” which has become a worldwide marketing campaign. Beautyhas become superficial in the world we live in right now. I believe thiscampaign has a big message for the greater good for women and young girlsgrowing up. Their message empowers women with self-confidence to lovethemselves and not feel inferior to the superficial image portrayed by themedia of what being beautiful really is.

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 Applicationof Integrate Marketing Communications ConceptsThe objective of this campaignis to encourage and educate young people on a bigger definition of beauty, to appreciateone’s natural physical differences personified by all women and inspire them tohave the self-confidence to love themselves. To prove women that they aretheir own harshest critic, and they are more beautiful than they think they areWith this campaign, promotingthe natural beauty of oneself and to turn each one’s beauty into a foundationof confidence and not anxiety, for women The target audience is towardswomen of all ages but mainly aimed to support the next generation to feel contentedin their own bodies and to have self-confidence. They have done this by aimingfemales through their publicity and making a social trend. Sender is the dove companythat has created this beauty campaign to reach the receiver the targetaudience, of women suffering from low self-esteem due to their insecurities ofbody image and flaws.

Dove taking the campaignobjective and message and have encoded into video format through videoadvertisement by using images to portray and their words of what true beautyreally is. The message was carried across viewers really well, as there were noproblems in decoding it.Channel of communication theyused to connect to viewers were many series of advertisement of video such as -Dove evolution, Dove Choose Beautiful, Dove #MyBeautyMySay, Dove beautysketches and many more. Creative strategy and promotion mixstrategyCreativestrategy Dove and The ButterflyFoundation continued to apply their global strategy of using publicity andinfluential viral videos to produce awareness and create a word of mouth fortheir Dove Self Esteem Fund and Body Think program.

 A challenge was created in thecampaign to encouraged beauty as a foundation of confidence. Dove hired a FBIsketch artist to draw real women and they documented the experiment on a video.The artist created two portrait drawings of women without looking at their faces.One was described by the subject herself of how she thought she looked like andthe second one was described by someone else, someone whom they’ve just met onset.

The difference between each drawing was amazing.Most women were fixated ontheir physical flaws, whereas the second drawing was described by seeing thebeauty in them. When the women saw the perception reflected on the portraits,they were touched. And so were the audiences including myself.  This viral video alone haslargely increase their awareness for their campaign of Real beauty. Promotionmix strategyTo promote this campaign, Dovedecided to use Direct marketing for their advertisement and also social mediawhere they used Facebook and Twitter. Real Beauty Campaign was launchedDove, with a variety of advertising campaigns promoting Real Beauty.

Some ofthem were commercials aired on television and some were only aired online.These videos played a major role in the campaign, as it incites emotions,reflection and it helped Dove establish a foundation based on their messagethat the definition of beauty has to change. Another successful and popularad is the “Camera Shy”, which draws on an appeal of pity. The video portraysconfident young girls who isn’t worried about their appearance in contrast tothe women in the video who were self-conscious about their looks.

The messageportrays women don’t need to be self-conscious of their looks, instead strengtheningthe idea of being proud of their looks.  The world’s definition ofbeauty needed to be change, with that mentality. They launched a campaign and wascreated to challenge the unachievable labels of beauty, and to invite others tojoin in on what is considered beautiful.  It challenges the outdatedadvertisements of using slim models with perfect features and large breasts, butinstead using real women of all different shapes and sizes. Media mix strategyTheir media plan would be tobroadcast to the media of their video ads through television and Digital Medialike Internet ads such as Facebook and Twitter. The campaign is beyond justYouTube clips. It’s has been shared on Facebook many times, and viewers includingkey women’s media brands are tweeting about the campaign and using the#wearebeautiful on Twitter.  Women are writing blog posts, likingpost, commenting and sharing videos, and sharing their own personal experience throughthe video’s message.

They are watching it with their daughters, and teachers areeven sharing the video in class. Its viral affect can be concluded with thelarge phenomenon it has created.   In addition, under print mediathey have used newspapers and magazine to share their message (image under appendix). Dove has also made used ofbillboards, kiosk and transit media (moving buses) to spread their message acrossthe world (image under appendix). EthicsDove’s Campaign for RealBeauty was started to raise awareness, to show women that each distinct bodytype is beautiful. The goal of this campaign was to make a positive change alsofor upcoming generations. However, not everyone approves of the importance ofthese issues and placing the attention on a women’s physical appearance.

Infact, some feel that bringing up the issue generates the desire to be beautifulrather than intelligent.  The Dove real beauty campaignwas criticized for having photoshopped images. Comments stated there were alot of retouching, and it was done purposely keep everyone’s skin and facesshowing to not look unattractive. However, is was stated that the onlyre-touching done was only to remove dust and for color correction. And thephotos had not affect the natural beauty of the women in photos.  This has brought up ethicalissue. And also became questionable if the company was hiding the editing donefrom the public or even if they were telling the truth. After all these incidents, inmy opinion, even after the photos had been retouched more than it was claimed,the message of the campaign still remains.

And no ethics were breached. As thereare still diverse body types and races displayed in the posters, showing theimportance of feeling love for oneself and comfortable in your own body.  Although Dove’s ethical towardsthe public is questionable, it still doesn’t change the effect that the campaign’smessage it has set out. “loving your own body”, evenif the photo has some minor editing, it still conveys the message of the factthat every woman is beautiful, no matter the size or shape.

 The message has more meaningand is more powerful than the photos itself. Body image portrayed by themedia has become a severe issue in society today. This ought to be recognizedin the media in a more positive and accepting light.

 RecommendationsHave ads with more customerfeed back of the product and the campaign to share their experiences.Continue to endorse more ads about natural beautyportrayed by women showing their natural beauty.

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