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Last updated: September 30, 2019

IntroductionThe Internet of things is the idea of being able to implementtechnology into material things that are connected over internet. By havingthings connected over the internet, these material things like fridges forexample will be able to communicate with the consumer. This technology hasalready begun to be used in our lives. Examples of standard Internet of thingstechnology seen in the modern day are Smart Home devices like Smart TV’s, whichis the most prominent in the modern day.

Others are wearables like the AppleWatch and Smart City technology that collects data that is analysed to createefficient systems that make people’s lives better. In this report, I aim tooutline key elements of this potentially life changing technology; explaininghow it will affect us as humans and the positive and negatives that will comeswith it.  History and types of the technologyKevin Ashton is the originator of the term “The Internet ofThings”.

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He used this term to describe the network that connects materialthings to the Internet. Over the years, the term has become reference to how,due to the developments of technology, most material things will one day haveinternet capabilities that can be manipulated for our gain.  As man created computers, the general themewas telling computers what to do. Now the technology exists, with the help ofthe internet where they can have their own intelligence of what to do. The mostcommon example of ‘internet of things’ technology used in the modern day areSmart home technologies.

Governments of technologically advanced countries haveinvested millions in “the internet of things” to not only become leaders in thedevelopment of such technology but to make their countries an easier place tolive; which is something that effectively aspired the creation of thetechnology.  BenefitsExperts predicted that by the year 2020, there will be 50billion devices connected to the internet, but this number has since then beenlowered to half due to the unpredictability of this unique market in terms ofits staggering size.  New jobs are beingcreated at internet of things’ companies due to the demand, which is hugeaccording to predictions. As it is a new market, idea makers will also bewelcomed. This be one of the many benefits that come with it.

Other benefitsinclude the tracking capabilities it provides, time saving and arguably thebest advantage; money saving. By having devices connected to the internet, itis easy to survey them and their functionalities to troubleshoot problems andmonitor use. An example of tracking with an Internet of things device is aSmart fridge monitoring the contents of itself and telling the owner whencertain foods are close to its expiration date or telling the owner when theyare almost out of certain foods; which is very convenient for owners. Anexample of something that will save a lot of money for businesses is replacinghumans that are paid to maintain industrial equipment in factories withinternet embedded machines that can be maintained through applications. The main disadvantageAs well as its transformative benefits, Internet of thingstechnology also comes with what can be described as a detrimental disadvantageif businesses are not diligent with its care. This is the safety and securityattributes of devices. As the technology is powered by the internet, and theinternet being a global computer network, even with the security measures thatcompanies will implement in their products, there is always a risk of hackers.An example of a consequence of hacking which is perhaps an exaggeration due tothe security measures put into place to counteract these things is a hackerordering expensive things to your house.

This will be a bad predicament forboth consumers and companies to be in. Consumers must be vigilant of thepotential consequences of hackers. It can be argued that keeping things likefridges simple would prevent something like this from occurring. I believe thatas technology advances, the security of these devices will also progress andprotect people’s privacy and personal data; as these things are major legalimplications that businesses are obliged to protect in order to abide by thelaw and to prevent breaking any data protection legislations.

 ConclusionHuman lifestyles will change dramatically for all as ‘TheInternet of things’ continues to develop and expand across the world. Underdevelopedcountries will benefit massively while other countries will better what theyalready have. The data that will be gained from the technology will improvethings like water quality; India have already implemented manual biosensors tomonitor water quality. In the next couple of years, devices like this will becomeavailable to all countries of the world.

The technology will bring humanity toa new age while making life as simple and efficient as possible. 

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