Introduction to British Literature

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Last updated: May 10, 2019
Why was it necessary to have a hierarchical structure for society during this time?
Without leadership, no community would function, and no stability would have been possible.

Describe the hierarchy.

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What did these people do?

Kings, Lords, Knights, and Peasants.Very little moved upward from the peasant level, and virtually everything proceeded downward from the nobility.

Describe the daily life in England.
People lived on and by the land, which was worked by both men and women. Sheep were kept or their wool, pigs for their meat, and chickens for their eggs. Most people raised a large percentage of the food they ate.

There were no shops where one could buy such necessities as clothing (woven and sewn by hand) though artisans like blacksmiths made tools and other metallic items. Most of the land was owned by nobles, both hereditary, and newly created aristocrats.

What impact did Alfred the Great have on the development of England?
He was the most notable English ruler; he defeated the Anglo-Saxons by the ninth century, and became king after some unification of the country’s many kingdoms had occurred.

In what way did literature keep history alive in Anglo-Saxon and medieval England?
Beowulf became a guide for kings to follow; kept history alive; talked about warrior culture/paganism invaded by Christianity.

When was the Anglo-Saxon invasion?

When did the Normans defeat the Saxons?

When did William the Conqueror become King of England?
1066 (Battle of Hastings)

When was Christianity introduced?

When did algebra come into being?
810 in Baghdad

When did Marco Polo visit the court of Kubla Khan?

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