Introduction to Early American Literature

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Last updated: April 29, 2019
When did Christopher Columbus sail the ocean blue? (Month and year)
October 19422

Where did Christopher Columbus land?

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Who were the native inhabitants of the time Columbus landed in Guanahani?
The Arawack

Did Columbus land on the North American Continent?

Who were the 1st Europeans to enter the US?
Dutch Sailors

Who commanded the Dutch sailors?
Henry Hudson

When did the 1st migrants arrive in America?
35000 years ago.

Where were the first migrants of America from?

How did the first migrants of America get here from Asia?
By crossing the land bridge known as the Bering Strait

What are the three main Native American Traditions?
1. The land is sacred 2. Their lives are organized around the cycle of nature3. Speech making and story telling

What are the two rules for “The Land is Sacred”
1The land must be respected.

2. No one can own the land.

In what three ways Native American traditions are passed down verbally?
Through folk tales, fables, and sacred stories.

The Cultural Revival known as the Renaissance, the Rebirth

AGE OF EXPLORATIONFor 30 years after Columbus’s voyage Europeans explored the America’s activity.

What were explorers looking for? (four things)
1 Faster route to China2.

A Cure for diseases3. Rivers filled with gold4. The Fountain of Youth

What happened at the end of the 16th Century?
There began to be a change from exploration into settlement.

Where did setters first settle when they reached America?
First to the south, then the north.

Jamestown, VA, was the first permanent English settlement in North America. In what year did this occur?

What year was the population 1/5th slaves in America?

What year did the Pilgrims arrive in Plymoth, Massachusetts?

Who created the Church of England?
King Henry

What did King Henry do as a result of the Catholic Church not granting him a divorce from his first wife? What was created?
The Church of England

If you went against the Church of England, you would therefore be going against the entirety of England. What would this be called?

Why did King Henry want a divorce from his first wife?
She could not successfully bare a male child.

What was GRACE in the eyes of the Puritans?
GRACE was an experience to the Puritans

True/False: The Puritans believed that going to church and reading your bible made you love God.
False, the Puritans believed that you did not receive love for God by reading the Bible and going to church.

What happened to you when God granted you GRACE in the Puritans eyes?
You could life a less sinful life and love God will all of your heart

Before you were born, God had determined if you were going to Heaven or Hell, this was called:

If you were chosen to go to Heaven, what group did you belong in?
The Elect

Once an Elect:
Always an Elect

What is Divine Mission?
The Puritans believed that it was their job to come to the new world and to spread Christianity. They were an example to the rest of the word.

What did the Puritans see the New World (The Americas) as?
A city on a hill

The Puritans valued:

The puritans wanted to _____/_____ worship as it was in the ___________.
Simplify/Purify, New Testament

When was the Bay Psalm Book Published (year)

What was the first book published in america?
The Bay Psalm Book

The BS Book was orgianlly written in

Why did the Puritans meet in plain churches?
They believed plain chuches would be less distracting

What was a great example of puritan plain writting
The BS Book

The puritans translated the King James bible into the BS book to
Purify/Simplify it

The 1740s is called the
Great Awakening, it also was the revival of puritanism.

Northern Literature focused:

Northern Lit.

wrote on:


Northern Literature was written for:
Inspiration and instruction

Who made plays against the law? (North or South)
the North

Southern Literature focused

SOuthern LIterature wrote on:
Nature and society

Southerns wrote for:
Amusement and diversion

What year was the first theater build in the south?

The North Settement
The Climate was coolerThe soil was less richPuritanism flourished They had former slavesthey lived around religion

The South Settlement
Warmer climateRich soilFarms were spread out religion was the Church of EnglandMore slaves then the South Focused on manners and pubic services

What year was the first Anti-Slavery Protest?

Why were Puritans hypocrites?
If they were of the Elect, they could still be sinful and go to Heaven. IF you werent of the Elect, if you sinned you went straight to hell.

What are the 7 types of Literature?
-Newspaper and Pamphlets-Religious book-Newspapers-journals and diaries-letters-poetry-Spiritual Autobiographies

What was the most widely read book in America in 1611?
The King James Bible

What does “Belt up” Mean?
Shut up

What does Berk mean?

what is “brill”

what does it mean to be CHUFFLED
Very pleased

what is DOSH

what does it mean to FLOG
to sell something

Horses for courses:
To each his own

What is a kip?
a nap

what is a Leaving do?
a going away/goodbye party

what does it mean to be Naff?
not cool

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