INTRODUCTION to Folse (2004:2), vocabulary is a count

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INTRODUCTION   Thefirst aspect in English that should be learnt by the students is Vocabulary. Ifone has less vocabulary, one will not understand what the people say incommunication. Most students get much difficulty to learn English, especiallyto vocabulary mastery. According to Folse (2004:2), vocabulary is a count noun,it can be much more than just a single unit word. From the statement one canconclude that vocabulary is words used in all aspects of English, such aswriting, reading, speaking, and listening. Vocabularyalso becomes the important aspectthat should be learnt by the students, because without vocabulary, they cannotlearn the other skills effectively. The English teachers as an advisor in theprocess of learning second language should have a target of their students’vocabulary achievements because students who have mastered a lot of vocabulary,they can communicate well and properly with each other.Posteris one of the visual media that the teacher widely-used in the entire world.

Nowadays, there are a lot of visual aids available. Chart, painting, pictures,flashcards, graphics, cue cards, and so on are the examples of visual aids. Allof the kinds of visual aids are useful for teachers to improve students’understanding, because the students’ brain recognizes easily through theirseeing and visualizing sensory.Accordingto Harmer (2001:140), poster is a kind of language cards. Cards are also usefulfor matching activities, where students have to find other students in theclass with a similar card or one that has the answer to the question on his orher card. So, one can conclude that posters is useful in every activities inlearning English process. Based on Tomlinson (2013:190), the teacher must alsoremember that these posters, games and labels do not have to just be in Englishtext, but could also, initially and for very young learners, have symbolsprinted along with the text so that comprehension of the language is easier tointerpret. So, posters are the simplest way to improve students’ vocabularyMETHODOLOGY A.

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   Data CollectionIn thisresearch, the researcher will usequalitative method in order to know the influence of students’ vocabularyachievement by using posters as media in the classroom.This research will applies interview and observation as the techniquesfor collecting data. 1.     ObservationObservation isdone directly toward the objects of the study. The researcher participates infinding the data.

As the result, the researcher can understand the conditionand believes in the accuracy of the data. The data is collected by observasing completely whatthe target of research.2.   InterviewsInterview is a conversation with apurpose.

The main purpose is to get information of people, events, activities,feelings, motivation etc. interview can also defined as an activity ofgathering information that is conducted through conversation.In this research, interview is conducted to acquire information about theimplementation of vocabularyskills using posters in teachingEnglish lesson B.     DataAnalysisThe stages of interactive analysis applied in this research are data reduction,data display, and conclusion. Each of the stages is presented in the following.1.

Data reductionData reduction is a stage of summarizing, classifying, and focusing onessential things. In this stage, the researcher needs to separate the accuratedata from the in accurate ones. Through the data reduction, the research mayfocus on the data that will be analyzed.2. Data displayData display is a stage of organizing the data into patterns of relationship.

The data display can make the collected data easier to be understood. In thisstage, the researcher presents the narrative text.3. ConclusionIn this stage, the researcher make a conclusion.

The conclusion can be in aform of thick description. The conclusion is the answer of the researchproblems that have been formulated.

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