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IntroductionMy name is Kieran Ross; my company isThermal Home Dynamics Est 1966. Previous projects and experiences include OneAngel Square, Manchester. We make all our projects to a                                                                               very high standard with our well trained and perfectionist tradesmenteam striving                                                                         to create every project to the highest of their abilities, with over 200years of                                                                               experience betweenthe team we aim to never lose our great standards of quality                                                                crafts. All of ourtradesmen work in accordance to the RECC (renewable energy                                                                         consumers code) and are all accredited with the Guild of mastertradesman award. We                                                              are also looking to present to you a warranty of 15 years.The carbon footprint agreement of the Kyoto treaty statesthat “a level that would                                                                    prevent dangerous anthropogenic interferencewith the climate system” should not be reached, meaning we need to alter thebuildings energy efficiency rating to do this I will be renovating the buildingwith insulation, changing the window frame materials and also changing the doorway leading into the reception/ entrance hall areas.

Whilst looking atrenovating this call center we are going to be keeping an eye on the three r’sof reducing our carbon footprint; Reduce – we lookto reduce the amount of waste on the site as possibleReuse – we lookto reuse as many materials as possible to save money and natural elements Recycle – we lookto recycle all recyclable goods and materials on the site to help reduce ourcarbon footprint.  Composite stone wall 350mm thick. Floor to ceilingheight 3m Stone wall issolid so before we begin the renovation we will use damp proofing, for this wewill use butyl rubber to protect the wall before then insulating these wallswith Cavity board kingspan to protect the building from loss and heat gainbefore finally plaster boarding the walls and then rendering them. We shallthen lower the ceiling by the introduction of a suspended ceiling. We look totake 0.6m off the current ceiling height and place the suspended ceiling 2.

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4moff the floor, this reduces the space in which the owner of the building willneed to fill with heat therefore saving heat as less is needed to fill the room.We also look to insulate the existing ceiling with kingspan to reduce theamount of cold air entering the building whilst also controlling the heatleaving through the ceiling to bring it to the lowest amount of heat leavingthe building as possible.  Single glazed timber windows (good condition) Although thewindows are in good condition after 10 years they are no longer deemed energyefficient and that’s why we are looking to remove all timber and replace withUPVC (Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) whichis a better alternative to wooden window frames, however we are more than happyto accommodate with the current look of the building by using a wood effect onthe UPVC, we then look to implement triple glazing with Low-e glass into theseframes to reduce as much heat loss and gain as possible.  Timer and glass double swing doorsWe look to replace thecurrent swing doors with a revolving door so that cold air never directlyenters the premises therefore reducing the amount of heat in the building beinglost. Alongside this door we look to insert an Automatic door for disabledaccess which are also wheelchair accessible, allowing all people no matter thecircumstances.  A pitched roof (which is showing signs of nail sickness).

One pitch is south facingDue to “nail sickness”this means that the slates are no longer secure and are even potentially dangerousdue to them being likely to slip off. I look to remove these slates and fix anysarking to the main roof of the building before re-attaching the slates (whilstreplacing any broken or damaged slates) to the roof. We are also going to placePV solar panels to help run the centers electricity supply and Solar Thermal panelsto supply the hot water and as the roof is pitched south this means you collectmost Ultra-violet rays from the sun therefore taking in the highest amount ofpower possible. Uninsulated roof void (which contains a large volume ofpigeon waste and feathers)As pigeon waste iscarcinogenic and will require specialist removal and cleaning, after a specialistdisinfection services clear out the roof space we look to insulate with knaufto keep the heat from leaving the building as 25% of all heat lost in buildingsis through the ceiling.  Painted concrete floor good conditionWe look to lay carpet tokeep the room at a suitable temperature acting as a sort of jumper for thebuildings floor. We also look to put in a Prowarm underfloor heating system asthis works well with the concrete flooring of the building and can quickly heata room.  Electrical system installed 1960  We are going to rewire theentire building to ensure safe and practical electrical facilities throughoutthe center whilst using trunking for flexibility  

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