Introduction with bothering symptoms that interfering with their

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Last updated: June 11, 2019

Introduction         Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is acommon condition affecting females and the risk increases with age.

1Women with POP will present with bothering symptoms that interfering with theirdaily activities, sexual function which leading to poor quality of life.2 Multiplestudies done worldwide to estimate the prevalence of POP, 32 to 41% of womenfound to have different degree of POP on physical examination.3,4 Onthe other hand, 3 to 8.3% of women found to have POP related symptoms.

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5-10 We found that the prevalence ofPOP varies from population to another and that depends on multi-factorial riskfactors, ethnic background, medical conditions, type of study conducted and approachmethods therefore, a screening program should be conducted to estimate theprecise prevalence of POP among general population.11,12 POP isassociated with multiple risk factors and one of the important risk factor ismultiparity and its known the multiparity and large families are common indeveloping country especially in the Arab nation like Saudi Arabia.13,14Management of pelvic organ prolapseconsidered a huge burden on economics and health resources and in USA itsestimated that the annual cost reach 300 million dollars.15 Managementof POP has been evolved in the past years and management approach  include nonsurgical treatment ( such asconservative and using of mechanical devices ) and surgical treatment (such asrestorative, compensatory and obliterative surgeries ) and the approach to thatdepending on multiple factors such as patients age, type and degree of prolapse, medical conditions, patient preference and surgeons opinion and experience.16 Multiple of national studies done worldwide to determine thepractice pattern of pelvic organ prolapse among urogynecologists, generalgynecologists and other involved physicians so there is no study done in thekingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to determine that and therefore, the aim of thisstudy is to identify the current management pattern, number of patients withPOP, characteristics of POP among our patients and the most common proceduresused among urogynecologists and general gynecologists in KSA. 

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