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IntroductionIn this group assignment, we have a come to agree to choose McDonald’s as our multinational company. For your information, McDonald’s is a famous fast food restaurant and well-known to the entire globe. McDonald’s aims to serve delicious in fun and friendly environment. The company also targets to provide its customers with food of a high standard, quick service and worth the money. Furthermore, McDonald’s also wants to be a socially responsible company, and also to give good returns to the shareholders.

We will be talking about the history and development of the company, background of the company, corporate identity and also collaborations and their products in this assignment.• History and DevelopmentMcDonald’s was founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, USA. They started their business with only serving hamburgers. The first McDonald’s franchise used the logo of Golden Arches in 1953 at the opening of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. In 1955, a businessman Ray Kroc joined McDonald’s as the franchise agent and soon purchase the chain from the McDonald brothers. McDonald’s original headquarters was Oak Brook, Illinois, but has moved to its global headquarters to Chicago by 2018.

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The company is the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue, serving over millions of customers daily in over hundreds of countries across approximately 36,900 outlets as of 2016. McDonald’s is known for its hamburgers however, they also serve cheeseburgers, French fries, chickens products, breakfast meals, soft drinks, desserts and the list goes on. In response to the consumer tastes and a negative feedback because of the unhealthiness of the food, the McDonald’s has added salads, fish, smoothies, and fruit to their menu.

The company’s revenues come from the rent, royalties, and fees paid by the franchisees, and also from the sales in company-operated restaurants. Throughout the years, McDonald’s has greatly expanded their business and and maintained their position in the top of the industry. In addition, McDonald’s is one of the world’s top private employers with 1.5 million franchise workers. With a vision “In business for yourself, not by yourself” that Kroc has held on to and also determination from the teamwork, the franchises quickly grew and Kroc provided rewarding notions for franchisees. Several franchise owners are the creators for the legendary food menus including the Egg McMuffin, Filet-O-Fish and the Big Mac. Overall, the McDonald’s franchise makes up the majority piece with 80 percent of the company. The owner of the franchise will take the responsibility and will be in charge to operate the fast food restaurant.

Before they become the owner, they must undergo extensive trainings to assure they are prepared to operate the restaurant properly. McDonald’s Corporation is well-known for their first class training that includes in-restaurant training at nearby location to the franchise that lasts up to 18 months. They must also attend seminars, conferences as well as self-directed learning and training at least 20 hours per week. In addition, anybody who is interested to become the owner of the franchise, they are only allowed to take on the franchise alone or as an individual. Partnerships, absentee owners, or investors seeking owners are forbidden.

Below are the McDonald’s Corporation organizational structure. McDonalds is the leading and largest fast food restaurant from its overall strategic management and sustainable competitive market. This strategic policy has been the McDonalds ability to make it difficult for other food industries to penetrate the market. The company’s competitive position is attributed due to the dynamic customer care relations, brand imaging, cost structure and more. Nevertheless, the organizational and the managerial process has centered the coordination and integration that drives the McDonalds to success.

McDonalds has created a situation where employees strive to work for the common goal by believing the customers.Through its strategic management, McDonald’s has demonstrated its strength by being able to learn and make changes according to the markets. From this, it has commanded a competitive position by changing within the technological developments and customer. McDonald’s success has been concentrating on its advantage such as organizational behaviors and achieving the success in every aspect of its objective. McDonald’s strengths are to achieve the competitive position by committing to its vision. For example, McDonalds attributes to its competitive advantage on its faithfulness to the mission and goals of the organization.

Plus, McDonalds operates the guideline of serving those people who have no time to cook and therefore provides the solution as a proper restaurant. In this case, the vision is not only to provide quality foods but also fast service and satisfaction to the customers.• BackgroundMcDonald’s was founded in 1940 as a restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, USA.

They rechristened their benefits of the business as a burger stand. The to start with period a McDonald’s establishment utilized the Brilliant Arches logo might have been on 1953 toward the opening for Phoenix, Arizona, USA. To 1955, Beam Kroc, a businessman, joined the organization as interest of an establishment agenize also continued will buy the chain from the McDonald brothers. McDonald’s needed its unique home office in oak Brook, Illinois, be that as need affirmed arrangements with move its worldwide home office will Chicago Eventually Tom’s perusing 2018.

 McDonald’s will be those world’s biggest restaurant network by revenue, serving over 69 million clients Every day in again 100 nations over pretty nearly 36,900 outlets as from claiming 2016. Despite McDonald’s is known to its hamburgers, they Additionally offer cheeseburgers, chicken products, French fries, breakfast items, delicate drinks, milkshakes, wraps, and desserts. Because of the opposition with evolving purchaser tastes What’s more a negative kickback due to the awfulness of their food, the organization need included on its menu salads, fish, smoothies, what’s more tree grown foods. The McDonald’s organization incomes come from those rent, royalties, what’s more fees paid Eventually Tom’s perusing those franchisees, and additionally bargains in company-operated restaurants. As stated by a BBC report card distributed on 2012, McDonald’s will be those world’s second biggest private boss (behind Walmart for 1.

9 million employees), 1. 5 million of whom fill in for establishments.• ProductsBig MacA mark item that might have been acquainted in 1967. meat patties, exceptional huge Macintosh sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, what’s more diced onions Previously, a sesame seed bun, for an extra working bun (called an “club layer”) dividing those meat patties.

Those Excellent Mac, its bigger-sized counterpart, might have been included over January 2017.  French fries McDonald’s offers French fries as its grade side request. Until 1967, McFries were never frozen, but were cut on-site from potatoes and immediately fried. Over a few global locations, they offer potato wedges, a kind for French sear that is thick cut Also wedge-shaped and singed onion bits that need aid comparable with onion rings.

 Snack Wrap The Snack Wrap is made with drive-thru customers in mind. This simple, yet yummy, menu item packs a punch with its white-breast chicken, cheddar jack cheese, lettuce, and ranch, all wrapped up in a nice, big flour tortilla. The Happy MealThe Happy Meal/Mighty Kids Meal – McDonald’s benefited from Burger Chef’s entertainment only feast idea of a kids’ feast at it acquainted those initial cheerful feast for 1979. Those supper incorporates a entrée, a side dish, a drink What’s more An toy.

Upbeat meals incorporate a little request fries (far under a little request for fries) also fruit, discretionary sauce for fries, Furthermore A decision for nuggets, an absolute patty burger, alternately wraps. An extra product, past times Zoo might have been suspended on 2008. Those strong children feast holds more sustenance over the cheerful Meal, short of what the grown-up meal, and still holds a toy.   Egg McMuffinThis excellent breakfast sandwich, served atop an English muffin, might have been McDonald’s turn on the excellent eggs benedict breakfast. The unique Formula incorporated Canada wild rye bacon, egg, What’s more cheddar. These times you might get different meats, like zesty hotdog. This excellent menu thing helps in the lion’s share from claiming breakfast sales, which represent 15 percent about McDonalds deals.

 Baked Apple PieThese pockets of apple pie goodness are one of McDonald’s signatures. When they were first released, these tasty treats were deep fried; however, as Mickey D’s evolved, they had to change their health image and decided to bake the sinful treats.Chicken McNuggetsMickey D’s was consistently known as the “burger place,” however, they soon changed their image as these nuggets proved to be very popular. Now, McNuggets are responsible fornearly 10 percent of sales.Premium SaladsA salad on McDonald’s most popular items of ALL TIME. However, salads about days past, such as those bacon farm and the southwest Salad, were certainly heavenly and the true motivation behind Similarly as to the reason this thing settled on those highest point specifically in the sake.

McDonald’s premium salads originated at a just as premium price, which might have been multiply those cosset of a huge macintosh (at around $4. 20). Thereabouts obviously, additional cash might have been made from the individuals wellbeing nuts dragged will mickey D’s (likely unwillingly).

      Double CheeseburgerThe double cheeseburger was offered as a promotional item in the 1950s and was added to the regular menu in 1965. An official variant is offered in the U.S.

state of New Mexico, called the Green Chile Double Cheeseburger, topped with roasted green New Mexico Chili peppers.McGriddles Breakfast SandwichThis breakfast sandwich, which combines those sweet of pancakes and the exquisite of a sausage, egg What’s more cheese, might have been settled on so as with consolidate an excellent American breakfast under a handy, drive-through-ready feast. This breakfast thing might have been in this way great that clinched alongside its Initially 12 months of sale, it accounted for 40 percent from claiming McDonald’s sale-growth on saves.

 • Other ProductsMcCrab – in response to the McLobster, McDonald’s along the eastern coast of the Delmarva Peninsula(comprising parts of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia) developed the McCrab sandwich, a McDonald’s version of the Chesapeake crabcake.Poutine – originally only to be found in French-Canadian communities, poutine is now found on the menu at most McDonald’s’ across Canada. Brownie Melt – similar to a Cinnamelt, it is a rich chocolate brownie with chocolate and white frosting.McRice – Most McDonald’s restaurants in countries in Asia serve the product due to popular demand. It is normal rice.

McSpaghetti – was launched in the late 1970s as a part of McD’s dinner menu which included a number of Italian dishes. The dish is still available international such as in the Philippines where it is popular and is generally served with McNuggets. Angus Snack Wrap – wrap with Angus burger introduced to the U.

S. market on August 9, 2010. Angus Snack wraps are available three ways: Deluxe; Bacon & Cheese; and Mushroom & Swiss. The Angus Wrap uses 1/2 of a regular Angus burger pattie.

 The McVeggie burger – a vegetarian burger on a whole wheat bun. Available in India, Slovenia, Greece, and Portugal. A special version is available in Cheung Chau branch in Hong Kong during the Cheung Chau Bun Festival.Veggie Clubhouse – first sandwich with a quinoa pattie. The McBean burger – a vegan burger where the patties are made with cannellini beans, kidney beans, onions, carrots and green peppers.

Available in Sweden.• Corporate identityMcDonald’s has become a symbol of the success of the franchises (granting the right to use the trademark to third parties according to codified rules), although it is not the first company to use this system, its unparalleled success has made it “the most prominent model” in the industry.And many has tried to analyze the reasons for this success, which transformed the brand from a small restaurant founded by the brothers “Richard” and “Morris” McDonald’s Southern California in the 1940s to the largest chain of fast food around the world, and more than 35 thousand branches in more than 100  state under their belt.It is difficult to monitor all the reasons for this success, it is many and varied, but the this assignment will provide three major reasons that explain the points behind the company’s impressive performance.1. Stability and coordination:McDonald’s has similar experience in all its restaurants around the world. The pioneers expect the type of experience you will get at brand restaurants anywhere in the world.

This result is a reflection of the success of the brand Ray Kroc from the beginning.”Ray Kroc” is an American businessman noticed a great popularity of the McDonald’s restaurant and was impressed by the good management of the restaurant and the speed at which orders are prepared despite the intense number of pioneers. And convince them to buy their privilege.

McDonald’s “outside” California “in” Illinois “in 1955.?Kroc’s slogan was “Quality, Service, Cleanliness, Value.” He believed in this slogan to the point where he founded a training center called Hamburger. His curriculum is based on these four principles, First to manage the activity. Since then, the Center has been teaching McDonald’s new franchisees how to manage their restaurants in the same way as Kroc for more than 50 years, maintaining the same experience with the same standards of efficiency over the years. As possible across generations. Customers know exactly what they expect to find at any McDonald’s restaurant, and they can easily rely on this prior knowledge when choosing where to eat their meals.

2. Innovation and modernization:At first glance, this may seem contradictory to the previous element, but in fact the elements of “persistence” and “innovation” were involved in making the historic success of the sign.The commitment to specific management standards and principles does not mean neglecting the renewal of the quality of products and services provided. The innovation is to respond quickly to the changing requirements of customers and franchisees, thus resisting the stagnation of activity over time.Along with the renewal of the quality and taste of meals over the years thanks to the innovations offered by franchisees around the world, and the most famous meals developed by these “Happy Meal” and “Big Mac” and “Mc Muffin”.

The Department ensures that this innovation does not conflict with customer service constants. According to James Skinner, former CEO of McDonald’s, the brand does not offer any new products on its list until it is fully assured of its ability to deliver and deliver to customers as soon as possible.3. Flexibility and responsiveness:One of the biggest reasons of McDonald’s success is its ability to overcome the crises it has experienced throughout its history, its has faced many lawsuits against it for various reasons, but the company has usually identified the problem and allocates all available resources to address them as the following examples illustrate.- Example 1: Most of the crises faced by the mark related to health concerns, especially the health of children, so the company established the “International Advisory Council” in 2004, consisting of a group of independent experts to provide specialized consultations on nutrition and health of children, and added more meals to health standards Such as salads, fruits and low-fat dairy, and were the first chain of restaurants to provide useful food information on their packages since the beginning of 2006.

– Example 2: In the mid-1980s, the series faced the biggest challenge in its history when some environmentalists in London accused it of having a food-processing practice that had devastating effects on public health and the environment, such as the destruction of rainforests. In response, As a result, 80% of the materials from which the McDonald’s are manufactured are renewable materials, but the results of the judicial dispute between the company and the activists led to the largest campaign in the history of the company and have addressed the effects for a long time.- Example 3:  The chain is currently suffering from a decline in demand, especially among the age group of 19 to 21 years, and the decline in the demand for this category on McDonald’s meals by 13% with the growing awareness of health, launched the company “you have the right to know” to allow customers to inquire about any A question that disturbs them about their meals, and tries to be transparent in their answers.One of the factors that helped the series overcome these obstacles is its desire to establish strong ties within its communities such as funding youth programs and charitable programs.The establishment of strong and continuous foundations of activity supports consumer confidence in the mark and helps to renew without disrupting activity.Obstacles and challenges are an integral part of the management of activity, and the establishment of strong social ties with customers helps to overcome them.The most important task of any department is to discover consumer needs and responsiveness, which is the greatest guarantee for growth of activity and support for the links between the mark and the consumer in the future.• LogoThe logo of McDonald’s has been marked by the letter “M”.

The logo first appeared in the 1960s, a letter or designed in the shape of a sloping roof and two cross-vaults, to be M-shaped. The buildings are famous for this design, the design has been updated to be simpler than it was, and the use of the yellow color of the logo to indicate the color of French fries.• Marketing planThe first thing we will talk about in the McDonald’s marketing plan is ??the product brand because the product is the most distinctive of any company.

McDonald’s restaurants are known for their hamburgers, which form the company’s culture and propaganda image in different parts of the world. McDonald’s, however, offers many other products that have contributed to the success of the company and attracted more customers who do not like to eat hamburgers or prefer other foods.McDonald’s menu offers many different shapes for sandwiches other than hamburgers, chicken and fish dishes and salads, soft drinks, fruit juice, ice cream and coffee.

McDonald’s gives a lot of importance to product development, providing a menu of dishes that suits all people according to their tastes and tastes, and is well aware that customers’ requirements change over time, so each time you add new dishes to the menu and remove others, As required by the market.The place also plays a very important role in determining the listed dishes. In India, for example, most dishes are for vegetarians because they represent the majority in India.In addition, McDonald’s pursues a comprehensive meal policy that includes several products on a single dish or so called Menu, and gives special names for each product according to the target customer category, the occasion of the dish, or the contents of the dish.

The most notable example of this policy is Happy Meal, a meal for young children served at all McDonald’s restaurants around the world. And according to research, McDonald’s ??sells about 32 million Happy Meals a day, which is equivalent to $ 10 million dollars a day.Anyone who goes to McDonald’s will notice that the proposed meal prices are high compared to the prices offered by other restaurants. The reason for this is that McDonald’s considers that the price is not only about the components of the product and the cost of production, but also the mental image that you want to plant in the mind of customers.

McDonald’s always wants to be distinguished from the rest of the competing restaurants, and wants to tell customers through its marketing mix and suggested prices that it offers meals and dishes of quality that no one can offer.This is exactly what McDonald’s is doing, that is, it targets the middle class of society by proposing higher prices than small popular restaurants, and less than the luxurious restaurants that are found in the finest and best hotels.In promoting the marketing mix of McDonald’s, we must point out that advertising campaigns are the most prominent method used by the company to market its restaurants and products. In order to attract the largest number of customers, the company uses advertising campaigns, especially in television, radio, newspapers and magazines, and also in social networking sites, and also used advertising banners in the cities where the restaurants.

Advertising campaigns, however, are not the only promotional method used by McDonald’s. They also rely on direct negotiations and sales, especially with institutions, companies and universities that McDonald’s wants to become a financier.McDonald’s also relies on discount offers to attract more customers, as it offers discounts on some meals and offers discounts on some occasions such as holidays, sports and cultural events.Another important way for McDonald’s to promote its products is to be the official sponsor and the most prominent company in various international gatherings, which is highlighted by international and local media a lot of light.?For example, McDonald was the official sponsor of many sporting events, most notably the World Cup in 1994 and the official sponsor of the NBA and the Olympic Games• Social MediaMcDonald’s is a brand that gets a lot of love on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), as it currently does in real life. It maintains a variety of social media features that are allocated to different geographical locations they have diners in. Although that is not all, they keep their customers informed of exciting offers, menu changes etc.

It does a great job of creating social media content inspired by real-time events and major holidays. • ConclusionMcDonald’s is considered to be the King of the fast food. To achieve this greatness McDonald’s has tried hard for ages to prove itself in the competitive environment of Fast-food. The key factors in success of McDonald’s in our view is innovation, customization, good management and above all best Marketing strategies adopted by McDonald’s.

McDonald’s has a very bright future because of the customer’s bank, customized approach from McDonalds towards its customers and above all the strong brand Image.

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