IntroductionNowadays, worlds than men with 64% and 55%

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IntroductionNowadays, Internet has become an indispensable part of everybody’s lives. People spend more and more time on using the Internet. Addiction to the internet, as to mean the excessive use of the internet in a way that would cause dysfunction, was firstly discussed by Young (1966). According to a study of Soda Head, about 61% of Internet users are victims of  “Internet addiction “.

Particularly, women are more interested in virtual worlds than men with 64% and 55% respectively. As a result of other long-term survey, experts found that teenagers from 13 to 17 years old had the highest proportion of Internet addicts with 73% (“Are You Addicted to the Internet”,2012). This research paper is implemented to provide information about causes and effects of internet addiction and the ways to eradicate this problem.Background information Internet addiction, also considered as the use of internet for pathology, is described like losing control of internet usage, which truly results in difficulties in all sides of life (David 2001; Young & Rogers, 1998). According to Young (1996) dysfunction would be caused by the excessive internet usage called internet addiction.

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Takeshi Sato (2006) said that Internet addiction is a newfound phenomenon that many users always ignore and not prepare for treatment. While Morahan-Martin and Schumacher (2000) described excessive use of the internet as serious harm to participants” life. Addictive in using Internet is also akin to pathological gambling. Shocking with statistics had been conducted to show how serious this problem was. As a result from research in China, the number of Internet user Symptoms and signal of internet addictionIt can be seen clearly that internet nowadays is getting more and more widespread all over the world so that people are spending much more time on Internet usage and tend to over-depend on it or addiction. That is one of some symptoms and signals of internet addiction which I want to mention in this research paper.

  According to ICD-10 (1994) there are six elements of any addictive symptoms, including internet addiction: 1) expressed the need to pay attention to the media in chat rooms, video games and social networks; 2) can control time in Internet usage; 3) a physiological withdrawal state as it cannot check e-mail or connect the Internet; 4) habit and the uninterrupted rise in time work in the unrealistic space; 5) forsake amazing things and personal hobbies in real life; 6) continue to perform activities despite significantly harmful effects 

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