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IntroductionsHomicides have been in existence since the beginning of ancient times, Americans kill each other every day.

It is unfortunate that today a citizen of America is 20 times more likely to be murdered through homicides based grounds other than any other form of natural death such as illness and accidents. The ordeal of Criminal homicide is categorized by the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program as both assassinated and no negligent murder or as killing by negligence. Its natural and researchers for many reasons have justified homicide as the willful killing of one by another. The rate at which homicides have been transpiring has changed drastically over the twentieth century.

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Homicide in the United States increased from the 1900s to the 1950s. After that, the rate slowly decreased from the 1960s to the 1970s and1980s (Simon, David, 2006).  After the 1980s, there was a modest upsurge from 1980 through the late 1990s. From the beginning of the 2000s, there has been a relentless descent in killing rates.

However, the most theatrical drop happened in cities with more than a million residents. The essence of this research is going to come out vividly through homicides facts in the United States that the paper is going to feature.Types of Homicides in the United States of AmericaMurder         Murder stereotypical can be divided into diverse categories with the leading being first and second-degree homicide. A First degree is the most serious of all the homicide charges.

First-degree murder applies to instances in which a party is accused of killing another victim after making arrangements to bring the victim down by killing him or her (Block, 2000).  First-degree murder necessitates wickedness and malice planning before executions. First-degree murder cases are every time regarded as the most heinous homicides crimes and as such therefore the most established penalties are normally reserved for these killings, comprising life imprisonment and the penalty of death. Second-degree homicide on the other end typically refers to homicide cases is in which someone may have envisioned to kill another but did on having the means and time to perform the murder. For instance, a married man that flies into a rage and murders his woman when he comes home to realize she is in bed with another man (Simon, David, 2006).

Some American states relate the concept of second-degree murder to instances to which a victim’s action was so malevolent and irresponsible that the demise of another human was readily probable, even if assassinating the victim was not the purpose like driving at high speed into a huge number of people. Unlike the first-degree murder, death sentences are not an option for victims who perform first-degree murder. ManslaughterThe charge of manslaughter is held in reserve, for example, when the accused victim did not plan the homicide nor did he or she intend for the demised victim to perish owing to his or her actions. Manslaughter custodies in most scenarios come out of accidental instances where someone died because of a specific event (Block, 2000). Such as a case where a medic prescribes a drug to a patient that can have a lethal interaction and parents who leaves a young baby in a hot car without opening windows.

Most of the manslaughter occurrences are negligence related incidence in nature. While varied states would recommend varied penalties for victims who commit manslaughter, the penalties of manslaughter are less compared to that of second-degree murderJustifiable Homicides Justifiable homicides are reserved for situations where an individual killed another person in the act of self-defense, or any other instance was defending his or her life. Justifiable Homicides are in nature, not legal charge, but rather a classification that the laws can use it in the event that a person died, but no crime was being dedicated (Blumstein, 1995). Since the killing was justifiable, the victim dedicated the killing will not be held illegitimately liable for the death, despite the fact that civil consequences might be applied under specific consequences (Lott & Mustard, 1997).Emergent Homicides in the United States todayRecently there have been varied invented kinds of homicides invented by various states, such as the felony murder charge. In felony homicides, a victim has died while the defendant was partaking in the commission of a crime, but the defendant did not essentially root the death (Blumstein, 1995). For instance, if several robbers storm into the convenience store for armed burglary and one of the robbers fires a trigger on the cashier slaying him or her, the other members of the gang will be charged with felony homicide even if they did not literally kill the cashier (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2008). Laws are changing from time to time and its dedicated to the making life better and giving citizens of America a nice experience while living.

The Patterns Associated with Homicides There are countless alterations between blacks and whites, males and females, and the young and old in criminals and victims. Homicides often have comparable characteristics such as skin color, gender, and age. The sequence held for blacks and whites and males and females, although homicide has continuously been more rampant for blacks and males. On the ordinary scale, of all murders, sixty percent of lawbreakers are white and Hispanic (Blumstein, 1995). Another sixty-five percent were black regardless of that blacks make up only 40 percent of the United States populace (Blumstein , 2001). Unlike women, female commit most of the homicide crimes in various cities of the United States of America, in 1990 eighty percent of assassinations were male, and thirty percent were feminine.Most slayings are in between the ages of fifteen to thirty-five, on an average two percent of massacres are between the ages of five and thirteen, eight percent are between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, twenty-seven are nineteen to twenty-five, and fifty-one percent are twenty-six to fifty (Blumstein , 2001). Victims that are being killed in more than ninety percent of instances bear the same traits to those of their murders owing to the reason that both would bare the same age and nationality.

It is impossible to kill someone who is a million kilometers away from your country or kill a person that is five times your age since the two of you bear varying interests and opinions.In six out of every ten criminal homicide ordeals, the victims are black. In three out of ten homicide cases the casualty is white. The skin color of victims varies drastically when an inner-city killing is kept into account in the Inner-city, in the Inner-city, the Blacks are more likely to be slaughtered than any other nationality owing to the reason than the blacks contributes to a high number of the city’s population. Homicides patterns for any race increases in relation to the population that the particular race bears in the city. Homicide RelationshipA victims’ association to its killer is known as the victim of the killer relationship. The most common victim of the killer connection is for the victim to be an acquaintance of the killer. This is the connection for sixty percent of killer.

The second most sorting is for the killer to be the victim’s relative (Blumstein &Wallman, 2001). This sorting contains brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, uncles, aunts, and any other people with blood relation. The comparative sorting covers thirty-seven percent of killers. The concluding sort is the most unusual, is the killer a stranger to the victim. This comprises the last eleven percent of killers (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2008).

Husband and Wife Homicide Homicides conventionally have been an issue among families, acquaintances, and friends, it is not surprising to argue based on those facts since a murderer would have more valid reasons to kill an acquaintance other than a stranger. It would appear that lovers and other intimates would bear more grounds murder one another (Browne and Williams, 1989). Yet humans recoil from the very idea clinging to the acceptance that cherished relationship is characterized by tenderness and love. The issue of love in uncontrollable and can only be sorted by two people in love (Browne and Williams, 1989).

Anytime that love plays a love, jealously counters with a strong effect. Two people in love will only contemplate homicide if he or she realizes that the lover is not faithful, it is never easy to carry the burden of an unfaithful lover. Homicides as a kind of Sentence Homicides had its beginning in the 1850s when the slave trade was the order of the day. Owning slaves, then meant that slaves were to abide by any kind of instructions that came from their master (Browne & Williams, 1993). Slave owners believed that everything was doable, and on the other hand, the slaves were in pursuit of their freedom. With varying interests between slaves and their owners, it brought out controversial concerns bringing hatred between the two parties. Slaves were known for being rude and offensive to their masters, their masters would resolve to kill any slave that contemplated to run away so that it could be a lesson to the rest of the remaining slaves (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2008).

 USA Homicides are geared by Guns Being given the authority to own a gun means that you have been mandated the power to kill and bring down anyone that comes your way intentionally or non-intentionally. A vast number of studies have proven that there is a link between owning of firearms and the number of increasing homicides in the United States of America (Browne & Williams, 1993). The incidences of homicides were never too much until when people were being given full rights to acquire guns, as such therefore it remains a fact that the most general technique of homicides in the United States of America taking into account about 60% of all suicides committed during 2005 is the usage of guns (Cook & Laub, J1998). However, the upward direction in homicide rates over a period between the 1970s and 1990s was mostly seen among the males of the Hispanic and Black American nationals who used guns to kill one another (Cook & Laub, 2002).Temper imbalance in the Hot States The rates of Homicides greatly vary in diverse States of America, a large scale of domestic murders in the States happens in the Southern states. A huge number of detectives blame this for the reason that the Southern States of America are characterized by hot temperatures, which cause temper imbalance among the people dwelling in such hot states (Cook & Laub, J1998). It is natural for humans to have unpredicted attitudes and tempers anytime the environment is hot on them. An upsurge in the body temperature causes an escalation in physical arousal, the heart rate goes up, and your blood pressure intensifies as the body tries to cool itself off, this causes the system to neglect another element of human system such control of tempers and emotions (Cook & Laub, 2002).

One of the main reasons why someone would kill his or her fellow human being is when he or she cannot have control of his tempers and him or she is does not care about the repercussions that will work against him or her after committing the homicide. Homicides in the USA are committed in the CitiesHomicides incidence occurs in cities all over the planet rural areas record very low number homicides compared to cities. With a more organized crime in the city who can easily conduct their acts and run away without being traced easily has led to the outburst of homicides in this major city.

Another reason why homicides happen majorly in cities is that of the availability, excessive drugs which make murders to have no control of their tempers and careless of repercussions (Simon, David, 2006). However, among cities a few stands out from the rest in their homicide rates, the cities are cities are Washington D.C, New York, Las Angles, and Birmingham, Alabama. The scale of homicides in these cities are more a picture of the community and the culture of violence in the community other than the work the police are doing.  Final ThoughtsWhile the issue of homicides remains to be a controversial concern in the United States of America, the governments still have to play major roles if it is to reduce the menace among its people. People should never be given the authority to own guns, the government has already provided an environment where citizens can perform their daily errands peacefully, and making people own guns is only one way of endangering the lives of the people. The courts are not doing enough to punish runaway killers; death penalty should be the only penalty that killers should face, with death penalties lessons will be thought and anyone contemplating killing another person will not have the courage to do it having in mind that he will meet his or her death.  

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