IOMT the refrigerator temperature, for example). 2- With

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IOMT (Internet of Medical Things) or healthcare IoT:Healthcare has numerous applications fall under the internet ofthings, from remote monitoring to smart sensors and medical device integration.

It has the potential to not only keep patients safe and healthy, but to improvehow physicians deliver care as well. Healthcare IoT can also boost patientengagement and satisfaction by allowing patients to spend more time interactingwith their doctors.Some examples:1-Medical apparatus and devices like wheelchairs, scales, defibrillators,nebulizers, pumps or monitoring equipment can be tagged with sensors andlocated easily with IoT. Apart from real time location services, there are IoTdevices that help in environmental monitoring as well (checking therefrigerator temperature, for example).

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2- Withthe intervention of Internet of Things, clinicians can predict the arrival ofpatients who are recuperating in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). They canalso monitor the status of patients in real time.3- Handhygiene monitoring systems which measure the degree of cleanliness in ahealthcare worker.

4-Hospitals can provide good care to patients at affordable rates. IoT aims toprovide better patient journey by:ï    Room lighting through personal controlï    Communicate to family and friends through email servicesï    Immediate attention to patient needsIoT Architecture and Structure:For theimplementation of  IoT to be undertakensuccessfully in the healthcare industry, devices need to be structured aroundspecific network architecture to ensure that every piece of technology isintroduced and maintained to a high standard, which should theoretically leadto zero breakdowns in communication between the network and devices. RegardingIoT structure, there are two main aspects, one is device management. Normallyfalls under the remit of a member of the Security and IT team, who areresponsible of ensuring security protocols are followed during the introductionprocess of new devices and maintained during their lifespan. The second aspectis infrastructure management. Frequently overlapping with device managementprocesses, how effective they are implemented is depending on the speed inwhich devices are connected. Owing to their computational limits reducing theirspeed and memory, numerous IoT devices are modified, with a boosted connectionto the Cloud to increase their productivity.


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