IoT makes it possible for objects to connect with

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Last updated: January 5, 2020

IoT has the potential to completely alter industries and society today by integrating innovative systems in all aspects of life. IoT is not limited in scope, it can be used in a variety of  industries including electronics, transportation and automation.

Individuals can also make personal use of the IoT in their daily lives by utilizing tracking devices and IoT enabled household appliances. Soon companies and individuals will rely on these IoT objects to complete most if not all of their daily tasks. With such advancements comes the need for additional research and training.

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New techniques must be created in order to better understand the data collected from IoT systems specifically unstructured data. Unfortunately the current quantitative methods are not sufficient enough to fully assess unstructured data, thankfully individuals experienced in qualitative methods can help bridge the gap. IoT is certainly changing the ways traditional systems interact and will only continue to grow. IoT has many advantages as well as disadvantages including the continued unification of technical systems, easy data transfer, and increased difficulty in consolidating data. IoT makes it possible for objects to connect with one another universally over the internet and easily exchange information. IoT also allows companies and individuals to receive data in real time and at fast speeds as the industry moves closer and closer to fifth generation networks. Unfortunately, the more objects are being connected together the more data is being created. This rapid increase in data does not guarantee quality information, making it hard for companies to analyze relevant data.

Companies must learn to navigate through the data retrieved to identify value adding information. Object connectivity and data collection will only continue to grow making it crucial for companies to learn how to respond effectively to data influx by cracking down on security and privacy concerns. As the IoT meshes with big data, the world will become more connected. The company MyOmega is conducting a field trial on its IoT enabled system called TracoVino. TracoVino is  a system  headquartered in Moselle Valley Germany that uses IoT in vineyards to make it easier for grape cultivators to grow quality grapes. It utilizes a thorough system of solar powered sensors to accurately measure the conditions within the environment.

It checks for metrics such as “air humidity, air temperature, soil humidity, soil temperature, an solar intensity,”  (User, 2018). The winemaker will receive a notification in-app reporting on the results to find out exactly when to cultivate grapes during the year. TracoVino is convenient for winemakers to use as their results can be accessed at any time of the day and from any location. Winemakers will notice that the quality of their wine will improve overtime, that they are given accurate predictive measures to gauge crop development and that they can consistently collect and transfer data throughout each season. The remaining data is then used to conduct a predictive analysis of the crops, ensure proper vineyard management and monitoring. This system is quite innovative and will help winemakers around the world to yield better crops, no wonder the company coins this system as the “Internet of Grapes” (User, 2018).

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