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Last updated: September 16, 2019

iPhone mobile application developmentSummary: This article aims at elaborating the key principles of user experience (UX) that help in gearing up the user acceptance of apps. In today’s generation while there exists cut-throat competition in all business domains and smartphones applications are no exception to that. The companies for Android and iPhone apps development all around the world are dwelling under immense pressure to meet up the demands for mobile apps by businesses and making them widely accepted by the users. Developing a mobile app with seamless and top-notch user experience is a challenging job because it does not only revolve a great look, endearing features or great functionalities. There is a need for some feel-free features or functionalities that are easy to use to make an app user-friendly or make it acceptable to the users.

While UX or user experience is one of crucial aspect of an app’s success, following are some of the principles to take into account for increasing the user acceptance of apps with great UX. Avoid creating an application like that of the desktop versionMost businesses make a huge mistake initially by creating an app that is an exact replica of the web version of their company sites. The mobile and desktop version are poles apart from each other. Those who think that making certain changes in the CSS and their business can go absolutely mobile are wrong. In mobile version or app, only the core features should be included and unnecessary ones should be ruled out. Navigation needs to be smooth The next vital aspect to remember while developing an app with awesome user experience is providing self-evident navigation so that users could use it without needing any instructions or assistance.

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When the navigation of the app lacks any ambiguity or confusion, the users get a consistent and smooth experience. In simple words, the app’s navigation needs to be coherent so that it matches the flow of an app with proper visual elements.  Keeping away irrelevant elements The key aim of an app as soon as it is launched in the market is grabbing the maximum attention of users and keep them glued to the app’s screen. So, to make that possible, it is imperative to avoid cluttering of the app with unnecessary elements or making it too much informative.

One simple way to increase engagement of users is going for ‘one action per screen’. Focussing on accessibilityOne need to pay serious attention towards a finger-friendly design for increasing an app’s user experience. Many a times icons or buttons that are too small for a finger to tap become a major obstruction in using an app and hence it is most crucial to maintaining an appropriate size for every element on the app’s screen so that it is easy for the users to tap on the target.Creating a hassle-free experienceMobile app development is not going to be that fruitful until it provides a seamless experience to the users. Not just in terms of the look or features of the app, but the synchronisation is pivotal. For a dedicated app built for the business purpose, user experience not only means seamless usability but also easy accessibility across a variety of devices so that users can start anytime again from the place they had left if they make a device switch. While most companies nowadays look for the myriad benefits offered by an Android or iOS app, they should also be attentive to all the aspects that are pertinent to produce great user experience in the app to gain maximum acceptance.

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