Is capital punishment a good system

Do we have the right to play god? Would that make us any better then them? Taking someone’s life is a big thing and we do not have the moral right to kill another person no matter what they have done. On the other hand the people who carry out such atrocious crimes are not human they are animals so why should they be allowed to live? We put dogs down if they bite someone. Obviously biting someone and killing someone are entirely different things. People may think twice about committing such horrific crimes if they knew that they themselves would be put to death if they are caught.I do not believe that hundreds and thousands of pounds should be spend on someone to keep them behind bars when they deserve to die.

There are so many other things we can spend the money on for example schools, hospitals, charities etc. But by keeping them behind bars they cannot escape the punishment they so truly deserve, they should rot away in a cell isolated from the outside world and have a slow, painful life rather then the sweet release of death. Killing someone means they get to escape their punishment while their families are left suffering.Why should the families go through that when it is not their fault? On the other hand it hurts the victims family to know that the animal that killed one of there loved ones is still breathing and may even get out in a few years. Is this really justice? The death penalty is a political tool, this is how as an example governors can not be re-elected.

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The criminal is a pawn in their sick games. This leaves me thinking do the government actually believe capital punishment is right?Do they believe they really deserve to die or are the criminals being used for their own immoral agenda? The death penalty would free up space in prisons for criminals who commit not as violent crimes and people can then be properly punished for other crimes because there will be space to hold them. This will increase the penalty for less significant crimes and deter people from committing them a lot more. Death penalty as a result helps by creating a safe, pleasant community.What would happen if an innocent person was executed and then there were major claims of compensation brought against the courts. It would cost them a fortune and there is no point gambling that kind of money. Dobie Williams spent 15 years in jail and still was killed by lethal injection.

He suffered more then any other murderer would. He was saved from death 9 times. He did not know if he would die or live. He had spent his life living in fear on the basis that he lived a few hundred yards away from the victim.There was no concrete evidence to place him at the scene of the crime or to prove he was responsible or connected to the crime so I do not believe it was right for him to suffer so much.

If there is a miscarriage of justice you cannot turn back time. The person is gone. Firstly people have to live knowing they killed an innocent man and he suffered as well as his family for something that was not true. If you look at the crimes that go on where the death penalty exists have the crime rates dropped? Do people stop committing such serious crimes? NO!All this leads to is a higher number of deaths.

Most countries by carrying out the death penalty are going against their religion. Does the bible not say “love thy neighbour? ” And also “let him who is without sin among you to cast the first stone. ” Everyone carries out sins on a day to day basis and anyone who believes in God really shouldn’t get to decide who is sinful and who isn’t because then everyone should be executed.

It is just hypocritical to believe murderers are sinful for killing someone and then in disregard of everything just go and kill them.In conclusion, if somebody makes a decision to take a life in cold blood then in my opinion they are giving up the right to be treated as a human being, also they are nothing but trash that we can do without in this world. These people deserve to die but if they are in the years to come proved to be innocent then you have a big problem on your hands as I have written about. Because of this I believe that Capital Punishment is not a good system as it also goes against everything most people believe in.

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