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Is It Scientifically Possible to Live On Mars For More Than A Year?In this extended written report, I shall be looking into the question ‘Is it scientifically possible to live on Mars for more than a year’. I am doing this as I am highly interested in this topic, as a child I used to dream about being able to go and live on Mars in the future and felt like this was a good opportunity to research and get scientifically backed answers and information about this for myself and whoever would like to find out. Since there hasn’t been any manned missions to Mars before and probably not for a long time in the not too distant future, I will be looking at concepts such as Maslow’s hierarchy of basic needs and others to really make sure that in the end my conclusion is as correct and accurate as possible. There are many reasons why Mars would be a difficult and maybe even impossible place to live; due to factors such as its massively fluctuating temperature which can range from 20?c during the day around the equator area to -80?c at night (NASA, 2018).

The lack of water and an atmosphere makes it impossible to live on the surface of Mars without support, there is no water to drink and you it is not possible to grow crops out in the open as the temperature is so cold and nothing substantial in the ground in order for the plants to grow. So, due to factors like this making the task of living on Mars for a extended period of time quite a low possibility to practically it being impossible but thanks to some advancements in technology and science, there is a slightly improved chance of this mission working out in the end; I will be looking into these different things and will make a final verdict on the basis of what I have researched to truly gauge whether this is possible and maybe even eventual colonization on Mars can happen.        What is Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Basic Needs?In order to make sure that I cover everything needed to make sure that I have as accurate of a conclusion as possible I will make use of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and basic needs as a joint concept. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a description of the needs that motivate human behavior. In 1943, Abraham Maslow proposed five different kinds of human needs, beginning with the most basic need of all; Survival.

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Physiological needs are things such as food, water, breathing and homeostasis, which are then followed by needs related to safety like financial security, health and wellness and safety against injury. Next, there are needs of love and belonging, for example, friendship, romantic attachments and family. Fourth, humans have needs of esteem, such as respect, confidence and achievement. The final need in the hierarchy is the need for self-actualization, which is seen as fulfilling one’s potential (-). As there is no life, as we know at the moment, on Mars and according to these needs you would have to make sure that the basics are in place before you can move to ‘the next level’. In this case you would have to make sure that the vitals are in place such as breathable air, food and water so I shall base my main focus of this question on some of these key aspects. Mars:Mars (a.

k.a The Red Planet) is seen as the planet that is the most similar to Earth in our solar system which can give it more significant attention than the other 6 ones. Although due to the fact that there is no life, as we know at the moment, and a lack of an atmosphere on Mars, compared to Earth which is bustling with it if you compare it with the other planets you will start to see some small similarities. For example the many geographical structures that are on Mars’ surface like canyon and volcanoes can draw an easy comparison with that of Earth as well as some of the weather types such as clear seasons are closely related and tectonic plates also go throughout the planet like Earth. Scientists have questioned the possibility of life on Mars for a long time and due to intensive, deep research they have suggested and theorised that up to 3.5 billion years ago the planet had a working, oxygen rich atmosphere and had water deposits around the planet, which can easily suggest that life would have/could have been present at that time but due to things like solar winds and storms the atmosphere was gradually eroded and basically lost (Nat Geo,-).

Due to it being so long ago that this started to occur and it becoming uninhabitable, the chances of life being present on Mars is very low which can be a little disappointing. However this can be changed; thanks to big leaps in technological advancements, it is becoming more and more possible of humans maybe one day living on Mars. Oxygen And Water:

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