Is God an Impersonal or Personal Being

Millions of people across the world have a faith, some a Christian faith.

A faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A Father who let his only son, Jesus Christ, die on a crucifix so that the people of the world would be free from sin. But is the father, God, an impersonal or personal being? I will be exploring different parts to this question in my essay.

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I believe god is personal. But I do not believe he is a personal being. I believe this because for me, a ‘being’ is something physical, something everyone can see. Whereas God is a belief and you cannot see or touch him. I believe he is personal though because people can pray to God and there are stories of these people miraculously being healed for example, or having their prayers answered in other ways.Some people think that God cannot be personal because he has to care for everyone at the same time ie. Answering prayers. People think this though because they think that this is impossible for humans like themselves to do such a thing.

They forget that God is not human, and if he exists, is more powerful than anything anyone can possibly imagine. Like I have already said, he is also a belief and not some huge telephone answering machine way up in the sky!The Holy Spirit is God working inside us, doing the work of transformation. God doesn’t just tell us what he wants us to be. That’s the work of the Father. He doesn’t even just show us what he wants us to be. That’s the work of Jesus, the Son. God actually gets inside of us, and starts making us into what He wants us to be.

That is the work of the Holy Spirit.I think Christians can have a meaningful relationship God because relationships in general are based on trust and God says in the bible when first gathering together his disciples that he needs them to trust him. Jesus says in John 12 v 26:”Whoever serves me must follow me. Then my servant will be with me everywhere I am.

My Father will honour anyone who serves me.”We can follow Jesus by praising him through song, we can pray to God, we can spread the word of God as far as possible and live our lives the way that he would want us to.I think as long as you trust God, and devote your life to him, he will promise that you personally will have eternal life in heaven after you die.

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