Islam: Empire of Faith Part One vocab

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Last updated: December 15, 2019
a muslim that calls all the other muslims to prayer five times a day; a quarter of people on this planet recognize this call five times a day

570 ce
Muhammad was born in …

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arabian peninsula
where was Muhammad born.


bedouin culture
Muhammad’s parents sent him away so he could get a better understanding of the.


when he was young his parents..


glory and stories
poetry was important to the Bedouins because it sang of their…

war and history
two constant themes of poetry were…

the shrine to the tribal Gds (water, wind, fire, and the night)

tribes that worshipped at the Kabba had to submit to a .

.. while they were in Mecca

what was Muhammad’s profession

resolving problems
Mohammad had a great talent in…

the trusted one
because he resolved problems, he was called the..


Muhammad was spoken to by an … as he meditated in a cave

only one Gd
Muhammad began to preach that there was ..


Muhammad’s followers called themselves …

the name of the holy book of Islam

cloth around his head
Muhammad is depicted with a … in early representations of him

the qua’ran
Muhammad’s accomplishment according to the Koranical answer

skeptics and enemies of Muhammad believe his message was questionable because he couldn’t do .

.. like the other prophets

the new “tribe” of Muhammad

the journey of the Muslims from Mecca to Medina in 622

the hadjira marks the ..

. day of their calendar

family protection
Muhammad’s … saved him and his tribe in 622

Muslims pray towards Mecca because they believe that it is the …

and the … creats serenity

635 ce
Muhammad’s enemies began to fight him in …

Muhammad had… men at his disposal

Muhammad …the people after the conquest of Mecca

destroyed all of the little statues of their Gods
Mohammad ..

. inside the shrine of Kabba to show that there is only one Gd

Iran to Spain
Muslim troops conquered from … by 670

held their prayer
when Muslims conquered Syria they .

.. in the Church of John the baptist on FRIDAYS

held Christian prayer
the Church of John the Baptist … on SUNDAYS

a mosque
the Church of John the Baptist eventually became …

where Abraham almost sacrificed Ishmael
muslims built a mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem because it’s …

632 ce
when did Muhammad die

appointed his son in-law
when Muhammad died the “Shias” say that he …

wanted the people to choose
when Muhammad died the “Sunnis” say that he …

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