Issac Newton Time Machine

Issac Newton Time Machine BY Fireba11222 Time Machine The English department Just got a time machine! This will be so much fun. I fear that I might get lost back in time. I’m excited for all the things I’ll learn from this exciting trip. I’ve seen many movies involving time machines that dont end up very well such as, people getting lost or eaten by dinosaur. Im going to see Sir Issac Newton and I’m very excited.

Im going to vissit him because, I want to learn about physics and all the things he discovered.Life was very different back in the 700s the way people dressed was different too. Your hair would be different and your clothes would be different, and your clothes would even have different names. Even baby clothes were different. When a baby fell he/she fell on what was called a pudding. It was like an innertube, made out of cloth, that was worn around the baby’s waist.

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When the baby fell he/she landed on the pudding. When children turned six years old they stopped wearing baby clothing and dressed Just like their mother or father.They also ate made food differently Making bread was not easy. First the people had to grow the wheat.

They ground the grain to get the flour. They had to go out and gather the rest of the ingredients such as the milk, from the cows, the lard, the salt, the sugar, and the water from the well. The bread baked in an oven beside the fireplace. They had very different Jobs from what we have today such as blacksmiths and candle makers and a lot more farmers. As soon as I arrived in Cambrigde England I looked for Issac Newton in the university.As I walked through the market place I saw all of the traders marketing there goods.

I walked down the dirt road to the university I walked up the stairs to newtons office Where he had been pacing the room back and forth pondering something. I proceded to ask him some questions I was curious about. the first question I asked was What where his main studies He said that studied motion and the laws of motion and gravity, space, the stars, math , he created calculous.The second I asked him was What he invented he said that he invented the pet door and the reflectiong telescope Third question I sked was if the apple story was true he said that it was and when it hit him he wanted to know why. I then asked what his inspirations wwhere he said that Galileo Galilei and Giovanni Francesco Sagredo WHere his main influences. The last question I asked was where he went to school he said that he went to the trinity collage of cambrige.

After asking newton all the questions I had I found my way back to the time machine and went home I was suprised that the story of Issac Newton and the apple was true.

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