It and especially; I was leaving my home.

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It was the summer of 2014, and it was time to move to the United States specifically Tucson Arizona.

 I knew this would happen  but I never wanted to have in mind the thought of moving becoming a reality, I was going to leave my friends, most of my family and especially; I was leaving my home. It was time to put the last suitcases in the car, my hands sweating uncontrollably not allowing me to grasp the handles, inside of me I felt an emptiness in my stomach. I felt I needed something, but I didn’t know what it was; maybe it was all the memories that I left in that little town where I lived 9 years. Maybe it was just my grasping of not trying to start a new life in another country, but it was time to have a better life, or at least  that is what my parents were expecting.

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I just closed my eyes and cried.Let’s go back a bit to the past. 9 years before I was living in a quiet and peaceful town where you can feel the freshness of the air and the chirping of  the birds, this town is Nogales Arizona, the place where I was born. By that time, I was a 7 year old kid that always spoke English at school and puro Español when he was at home living in a mobile home with his mother and two of his three siblings Eddie and Patrick. Eddie was in his senior year in High School and Patrick was just a 4 month year old baby. My father is cattle rancher and also a veterinarian, was living in Mexico at that time taking care of his cattle ranch, buying and selling cows and that way he was maintaining us in this beautiful country. Alex, my older sibling, he was living with my father, working with him in the cattle business.

My life was hard by that time because I couldn’t see my father every day, even if I was very young, I remembered that  loneliness that I felt almost daily because I couldn’t have him in the most difficult times. He was always trabajando en el otro lado making sure we were fine here because we are the fruit of his seed and he wanted a better future for my siblings and I. I was able to see him most of the weekends when we traveled to Mexico to our old house or sometimes (not very often) he visited us in Nogales, but it was not the same, I wanted to be with him as long as possible.

It was 2005 and my brother Eddie was graduating from High School and by that time we had 4 years living in the United States. My parents decided that we were moving to Mexico in that summer because Eddie couldn’t go to college in the United States because of his citizenship. In June of that same year, my parents sold our mobile home in Nogales and then we moved to our old house in Imuris Sonora Mexico, just an hour from Nogales. I was happy because it was the extinction of my sadness. I was happy because by the four years that I lived in Nogales, most of the time I missed my dad and now I could see him every day and my family was together again and not separated by a titanic fence that divides two beautiful countries but also was dividing my heart.My life drastically changed  when I started living in Mexico. My school was totally different, it was smaller, it lacked of air conditioning, most of the classrooms were in poor conditions and the food at lunch wasn’t gratis.

My neighborhood  had a lot of old fashioned casas and they were not mobile homes like the ones that I used to see in my old neighborhood en el otro lado. Society was different and although there are many Hispanics in Nogales, the ones in Mexico were very emotional when talking to them and you could feel confident like in family while the ones in Nogales were a little bit leery and they had different thoughts.My father had a plan for the future: “Bara, when you finish your secundaria we will move again to Nogales, so you can get your High School done and get prepared for college like Eddie did”, we did that agreement that when I finished middle school we will move back to the United States. But by that time I didn’t take too serious my future, I was just a kid who was facing his parent’s culture and the only thing that mattered was the present because the most important in my life I already had it; my family was finally together again.I grew up in a hard working family and I am glad of that, I am glad of having vaquero blood in my veins. I learned that the word “boring” does not exist in this life because we always have something to do.

When we go to our ranch in that huge and gorgeous Sonoran desert where even the most crooked sahuaro is part of a beautiful landscape, each member of my family has a thing to do, one person goes and feeds the cattle in the corral, another gets the horses and goes to one of the potreros and looks for that cattle that is missing, some are repairing the old fence and women are cooking and making those delicious flour tortillas in the old fashioned wood stove. This is our way of life and this is the same way of life that my ancestors had and it’s a lifestyle which I am not ashamed to tell others. That was my daily life in Mexico.The years passed and that little kid grew up. The time of moving to the United States was closer but now, that kid was in love with his parent’s country and he didn’t want to comply with the agreement that he made with his parents 9 years ago.

“No olvides el acuerdo que hicimos” my father told me that I shouldn’t forget the agreement that we made 9 years before. I knew it was necessary to move to the United States again because my parents wanted the best for their 2 American children but I knew that the same story that happened when we were living in Nogales was repeating again. Y asi fue. My father stayed in Mexico working in his business and my family was getting separated for a second time.         That’s when I start to remember that summer of 2014, when I put the last suitcases in the car and I closed my eyes and cried because even if my family was getting “separated” again, it was for my good and my parents were right. At that moment I didn’t think about all the effort and sacrifice that my father does just for the simple reason of watching me here, in a desk, in this university, building my own future.

To be honest, it breaks my heart to hear my father’s response when someone ask him if where does he live “para ser sincero ya no lo se” he always answer that he doesn’t know because he spent some days in Tucson with us, other day he is in Mexico in my old house and other days he is at our cattle ranch and by this reason he always has his suitcase in his car, one of the last suitcases that I put in the car that summer of 2014. Personal Statement and AbstractAbstract: The audience of my text is the University Of Arizona Hispanic Alumni who is interested in Hispanic first-generation students. I wrote about the first time that I heard the word Hispanic and how I felt identified with my community. Also, I briefly talk about my background and the time when I moved from Mexico to the United States looking for more educational opportunities and how young Hispanics deserve a higher education. The purpose is to convince UAHA that I am the best fit for their scholarship because I am a Hispanic student that wants to accomplish his dream of having a Bachelor’s Degree.My Personal StatementHispanic. I realized that I was  Hispanic two years ago when I moved from the Mexican State of Sonora to the city of Tucson Arizona. I was born in Nogales Arizona and I lived there four years (2001 – 2005) but I had spent most of my life in Mexico .

In 2005, my parents decided that we were moving to Mexico during summer because one of my older siblings couldn’t go to college in the United States because of his citizenship.   Even if I was born in the United States, I don’t feel identified as an American because I spent most of my life in  my parent’s country, in other country that I called my home. I graduated from a High School at the south of the Tucson, where the 80% of their students are Hispanics, 20% are African and just 10% are white students; that high school is Desert View High School. I lived in Mexico around 9 years and my parents wanted a better education for my little brother and I. My parents and I did an agreement that when I finished middle school, we will move back to the United States. They just wanted a better future for my little brother and I because we are U.S citizens.

I was lucky of being in that school because  my English was not good enough because during those 9 years that I lived in Mexico, I did not practice my English at all and most of the teachers at Desert View are bilingual and  I took an advantage of that and they did a great job with me during my educational process.I am proud of being Hispanic because we are a minority that is becoming a majority in this country and we should get more young Hispanics involved to get into Higher Education. We should support our students because we are el futuro de este pais. I think that I deserve the  University of Arizona Hispanic Alumni Scholarship because as a Hispanic, I want to get involved with more students that are also from the Hispanic community and share our thoughts and ideas. I want to help my community by involving more young students to get a higher education. The principal barrier for Hispanic students is money to go to college, most of the time they are not able to pay their tuitions and unfortunately they are hundreds of good students that don’t go to college just for that reason. Let’s make their dream come true.

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