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Last updated: September 28, 2019

It is an indisputable fact that violation of human rightsis the major cause of refugee influx in the world today.

One of the biggestpolitical and human tragedies of this era has arisen in the shape of more thanfifty million refugees and displaced persons today in the world. Humanitarian organizationsare struggling to keep pace with the demands of new exodus, while governmentsaround the world are becoming increasingly reluctant to offer refuge to thesevictims of violence. ·        The refugee problemshould not be solely seen as a problem of refugees but, within a framework ofinternational responsibility, solidarity and humanity, as one involving theentire community of humans. The solution totreat refugees with dignity in India is to either ratify the 1951 Conventionand incorporate it into domestic law or enact a uniform legislationspecifically for refugees so that it is not left to the discretion of theexecutive and the judiciary to decide their fate.·        The provision ofassistance to refugees is a humanitarian and non-political matter which shouldnot be hindered by political considerations, despite the fact that refugeesituations themselves are inherently political in character. Moreover, astrictly positive law approach does not seem desirable in this field since manystates are still not parties to the relevant international instruments relatingto refugees; the most evident example being of India not having signed the 1951or 1967 convention.·        Lack of security isoften a major obstacle of protection and humanitarian assistance in conflictzones. Delivery of the same is frequently disrupted or halted because ofthreats or actual attacks on the staff of relief organizations and theirfacilities.

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At such instances, negotiations with the warring parties is theneed of the hour.Strategies to solve refugee problems must take into account the variousfactors that compel people to leave their homes; most likely to commence withtackling the immediate humanitarian needs of the people affected.Implementation of a comprehensive response to a refugee problem requires thecooperation of a broad range 

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