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Last updated: July 16, 2019

It was a beautiful night on March 11th, 1998, the night I was born.  My parents decided to name me Brittany.  The name Brittany is an English name the comes from the northwestern area of France.  There were British settlers in the northwest area of France after the fall of the Roman Empire and and after the Anglo-Saxons invaded.  The name Brittany only started to become popular in the United States in the 1970s.

 I have been called a couple nicknames such as Britt and Britt Britt.I had a wonderful childhood.  I remember having huge birthday parties full of family and friends.  I actually share the same birthday as my grandma.  It’s pretty cool because my grandma’s grandmother’s birthday was March 11th.  It’s all women and skips a generation.

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 How amazing would it be if I have a granddaughter, in the very distant future, who has the same birthday as me?  I am definitely more of a family person.  If I have plans with a friend and I find that my family has plans for something else, I will either go with my family and invite that friend to come with or if the situation involves going to another family member’s house that lives further away then I would tell that friend that my family made plans to get together and that I had just been informed.  I still go shopping with my mom and I still like to spend quality time with both of my parents.

 My sister and I are probably the closest siblings you will ever meet.  Some of my friends are her friends and some of her friends are my friends.Every summer my family and I go on vacation for a week to various locations.  I’ve never gone out of the country but I have been to other states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, and Florida.  Now, I am 19 years old and in my fourth semester at Ocean County College.  I graduated high school in 2016.  Starting my junior year of high school I was told that I have anxiety and OCD.  I started to see a therapist and things got a lot better.

.until college.  My first semester of college wasn’t too bad.

 In the middle of my second semester my anxiety became much worse.  I was put on medication because of it and now I’ve just learned to live and deal with it.  When I was first put on medication for it, I cried.  It was a very hard time in my life knowing what was going on with me.

 But, because of my anxiety, my mom had me diffuse Lavender Essential Oil at night to help me sleep.  From that night on, I was hooked.  Her diffuser became her’s during the day and mine at night.  Eventually I got tired of using her’s and I bought my own Premium Starter Kit so that I could have my own essential oils and my own diffuser.

 During the summer I decided to make a business out of this.  This means that for every Premium Starter Kit I sell, Young Living (the company) will pay for commission.  My mom is my partner and I have met some amazing and intelligent women from starting this business.  I am 19, I have my own business, work part-time as a teacher’s assistant, and I am a full time college student.

 I do not let my anxiety get in the way of achieving my goals and dreams.My goal after college is to be the owner of a business or be at very high and respected level in the business field.  I have really taken a liking to marketing and would love to work for a corporation that sells products.  I want to be that person who sits in on the meetings and explains why said product is the perfect one out there.

 I also have long-term and short-term goals for my business that I have now.  My short-term goal is reach Gold by the time I graduate college.  Gold makes about $72,000 on average, annually.  My long-term goal is to reach Royal Crown Diamond, which makes six figures annually.  This is all just from getting the word out there via in person or social media.  In this business we are all one big family.

 If anyone suffers from anxiety, you can always talk to me about it.  If anyone is interested in essential oils don’t hesitate to contact me, they definitely help me and can help you too!

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