It grasping power, understanding concepts easily and seeing

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Last updated: May 16, 2019

It is indeed a great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Swapandeep. Knowing her for almost 4 years she has made me rethink the definition of passion. I have been her guide for her project “Hospital Information System using CBIR”.  Her zeal and vigour were always shining in her eyes, with that constant thirst to learn more new things.She has always maintained a good balance in her theoretical and extra-curricular involvement in her projects and subjects, always scoring good marks and simultaneously taking part in projects and various events.

Quick grasping power, understanding concepts easily and seeing tiny, easy to miss details are some of her traits that make her shine out of the crowd.In my observation, she has the capability to complete tasks assigned to her with minimum guidance, making her intellectually independent. At the same time, she shows the rare and essential character to be a team person and work cohesively with her colleagues in achieving the set target.On a personal level, Swapan is an ambiguous person showing a lot of enthusiasm for cultural and extra-curricular activities.

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She has also shown her adeptness at organizational skills, especially in a cross-cultural setting. She is approachable and easy to communicate with. I can attest that she is a highly intelligent, sincere and hardworking student with a tremendous drive to reach her goals. She is a keen observer and has the requisite aptitude to take up any difficult assignment in the field of study that she is passionate about. She enjoys the scientific process and has the ability and willingness to see both on the fine-detail scale and the big picture.I would like to end this letter with a proud recommendation from my side.

In my view she will make an excellent student with her commitment to learn constantly and think innovatively. Also her commitment for research and perseverance will make her a great student

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