It in the area of Wireless Networks at

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Last updated: May 14, 2019

It is my pleasure inwriting a letter of recommendation for Mr. Jose Dahlson who is aspiring topursue a Master’s Degree at your renowned institution.

I have tutored him forthree years, where I offered him courses in the field of Electron Devices,Computer Communication and Communication Lab. I would like to elucidate fewfacts about him that astonished me the most.Through my observation, Iwould like to say that Mr. Jose is attentive, studious and receptive to newideas academically. He proved to be a capable and industrious student bymaintaining a positive attitude towards study.

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He is punctual and diligent indoing his assignments. His assignment on computer network simulation was uniquewhich revealed his artistic ability and innovative skills. He can analyzeenigmatic problems exceptionally well and come out with inventive solutions. Tofurther strengthen his pragmatic understanding, he did an internship inHardware and Networking in HCL Technologies.Mr. Jose was one of themost zealous students in his batch.

His passion grew over the years and hegained stupendous knowledge about his field. He actively enrolled in classroomseminars and acquired a good expertise in the subject by doing research in thelab and extensive use of the central library. Moreover, I have seen him workingextra hours in communication lab to complete projects. He is a meticulousperson who works effectively towards his aspirations.His passion for thecommunication system is apparent from the fact that all his preferred subjectsare associated with Wireless Communication. He substantiated to be a competentand motivated student with all of the caliberessential to pursue further studies in a Master’s degree.

He has completed anin-plant training in the field of communication at Airports Authority of India.To add further comprehension, he did a rigorous in-plant training in the areaof Wireless Networks at BSNL Telecom Training Centre. Personally, I would saythat he will be a beneficial addition to your reputed institution. With acommitment to his work and his perpetual pursuit of knowledge, I am sure of himhaving a promising future ahead. A degree from your esteemed university willguide him in accomplishing his career goals.

So I enthusiastically recommendhim for this graduate program, without any reservation.

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