It initial alert that H.E.M.A. sent out a

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   It was on Saturday 13th, 2018, justpast 8:00 AM when the residents of Hawaii received a startling notification ontheir mobile devices. “Emergency Alert, BALLISTIC MISSLE THREAT INBOUND TOHAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” The idea that in today’sworld the threat of a nuclear war is a possibility makes the alert much moreterrifying.

    Early on Saturday morning the HawaiiEmergency Management Agency (H.E.M.A.

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) sent out an emergency alert through allradio stations, television stations and mobile devices informing the public ofthe incoming missile threat and to seek shelter. The state of Hawaii had beenholding monthly drills in preparation for this devastating occurrence wherethey learned that they had 12 minutes before the missile would reach them.These drills were created in response to the swapping of nuclear threatsbetween president Trump and Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea.  It wasn’t long after the alert swept the that911 call centers had received over 5,000 calls by panicking residents. Manyresidents even began to pack up and seek refuge in the local bomb shelters. Familieswere hiding anywhere they could, many families were so afraid they hid in thesewers for shelter. In an interview conducted by The New Yorker with a residentof Hawaii says “…we secured all the windows and all the doors.

We startedfilling the tubs and every container we could with water. And texting familyand friends…” said the resident.    For the 38 minutes the Hawaiian public werein a frenzy trying to prepare for the end, H.


and the United StatesGovernment were shown that they had no plan in place for this situation. Whenthe Emergency Alert first went out the United States Government were unaware ofany incoming threat. Families were hiding anywhere they could, many familieswere so afraid they hid in the sewers for shelter.   In aninterview conducted by The New Yorker with a resident of Hawaii told us “…wesecured all the windows and all the doors.

We started filling the tubs andevery container we could with water. And texting family and friends…” said theresident.    It was about 10 minutes after the initialalert that H.E.M.A.

sent out a message on Twitter saying that there was nothreat. 28 minutes after the Tweet was sent H.E.M.

A sent out a second EmergencyAlert saying that there was no threat and that it was all a false alarm. After atotal of 38 minutes this alert was sent to every source of media, highwaybanners, posted on social media sites. The cause of the mistake is said to bedue to human error. “It was a mistake made during a standard procedure atthe changeover of a shift, and an employee pushed the wrong button,” saysGov.

David Ige. A report made by The Guardian News describes how the systemwhich H.E.M.

A. uses has the buttons to test the functionality of the alertsystem and the deploy missile alert controls right next to each other. TheFederal Communications Commission had begun an investigation into the truecause of the matter.     In an editorial by the New York Times it isdebated whether it is safe to have a stockpile of 4000 nuclear weapons. Withthe height of tension between the United States and Korea and having one of thelargest stockpile of nuclear weapons on the planet, the risk of a nuclear waris a real possibility.

  CongresswomanTulsi Gabbard admitted the the State of Hawaii was to blame for the incidentbut continued to state that this unfortunate accident had revealed flaws in theway the White House is dealing with Korea.     Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard admits that theState of Hawaii was responsible for the false alarm but also pointed out thatit revealed flaws in the way the White House is dealing with North Korea. Whyis Hawaii and mainland United States threatened with nuclear attack by N.K.?Because Trump and Kim Jong-un are provoking each other.

Trump threatened todestroy N.K. with a nuclear weapon. N.K. keeps testing nuclear missiles. Peopleacross the US are afraid there could be a nuclear war and Hawaii is closest to N. their danger is greater. Gabbard also urges Trump to sit down with KimJong-un and negotiate for denuclearization (The Guardian, 1-14-18).    Concern expressed that President Trumpcontinued to play golf instead of addressing the nation.

He did not informHawaii that it was a false alarm. The Post called it “an abdication ofleadership”. (Washington Post, Philip Bump, 1-14-18).   Trump tweeted that afternoon about “fake news”and other complaints but did not mention Hawaii for more than 24 hours causingHawaiians to feel alone to fix the problem themselves.

(Slate, Daniel Politi,1-14-18).   The governor of Hawaii gavea public apology to the residents of Hawaii saying, “I deeply apologize for thetrouble and the heartbreak that we caused today.” Said Gov. David Ige.     SOURCES:To be rewritten!https://www., Dillion “Howwould Hawaii handle a real attack? False alarm gave us a glimpse” Hawaii News Now. 1/13/2018, 1/14/2018

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