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Last updated: May 17, 2019

It is with greatenthusiasm that I submit this Letter of Recommendation on behalf of S Ketan. Asthe Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering at Nitte Meenakshi Instituteof Technology, I have taught him subjects such as Computer Aided EngineeringDrawing, Theory of Machines-II, and was in-charge of Design Laboratory coursework for the semesters second, fifth and sixth respectively of hisundergraduate studies. I was also his project guide for the graduation projectand have hence known him from close quarters. I believe, Ketan possesses ananalytical mind, an excellent academic profile and clearly defined goals forhis life. He is passionate about working in a team and can be said to be thefuel which runs the team because of his strong interpersonal skills. Ketan’s academic skillscan be assessed by his overall CGPA of 8.42 out of 10.

But, even better is hisgrade point, of 9 of 10 in all coursework where I was his teacher andsupervisor. I assessed his motivation and drive through his final year projectwhere he earned 10 on 10 because of his coursework application where he appliedall that he had learnt in theory into the practical world. While other studentsdid their graduation project within the boundaries of our institution, he venturedout to various industries working on R, presented his idea and managed tosecure a Research project work profile with India’s second largest Aerospacefirm, National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) which brought accolades to our institution.Overall, this not only shows Ketan’s performance academically but alsoshowcases his personal characteristics such as creativity, confidence andpatience.

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I’ve also seen Ketan asan ambitious leader and terrific team player as a part of NMIT’s SAE club wherefor the first time; our students built a Formula type race car, managed to getsponsorship and competed nationally at Madras Race Track, Chennai. Ketan hasseveral strengths but his main strength, from my observations, is his abilityto manage his own affairs. Through all this, he has established an excellentrapport with his fellow students and faculty. He is certified with Six Sigma andhas attended various technical events which suggests his keen interest in thelatest technological advancements.I am confident thatyour esteemed university will be an ideal place for him to improve upon hisexisting skills through pursuing a Masters program. I strongly recommend himfor admission to the graduate program with financial assistance.

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