It is not possible to be a true disciple of Jesus in today’s world

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Last updated: November 16, 2019

I agree with this statement. Our world has too many luxuries and benefits and people aren’t prepared to give up these luxuries such as their homes, clothes, money, cars, good jobs and their social lives. Many of the people in our world are too selfish to give everything up for a religious vocation. God isn’t the first priority to people of today’s world; their possessions are! Very little people in the modern world go to church anymore.

Out of those people who do go to church they have either been forced to go by members of their family or else they go due to habit.Going to church may make some people feel uncool as their peers may laugh at them. Mother Teresa gave up her time to help those in need and she did help a lot of people in need but the majority of those people didn’t get help because there wasn’t enough people willing to help them, therefore how could we all be true disciples in our world if people aren’t prepared to help their fellow brothers and sisters. This shows that for the people of our modern world aren’t capable of being true disciples.Other people however may have different views and therefore disagree with this statement. Some young people are very good at volunteering to help others and giving their time up freely to help others. They go to third-world countries to help people who are sick, poor, living in poverty and dying. They raise money for charities such as Trocaire and CAFOD.

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Some people believe that just by being nice to a person you are a good disciple. Parents guide their children and teach them about god.This shows the work of a true disciple in most people’s points of view.

They have their children baptised so they can have the guidance they need in life to be a true disciple. In baptism the parents promise to bring the child up in Christian faith and promise to teach their child all about Christianity. After looking at both points of view I still disagree that there is such a thing as a true disciple in our world today. People don’t keep to their faith and are far too self-centred to think about anyone other that themselves.Christians like Mother Teresa were true disciples but since then people have lost their faith instead of gaining it. People in third-world countries wouldn’t be dying and living in poverty because if we were all true disciples we would all give up our time and money to help these people.

A true disciple would give up their lives for the sake of others but instead only a small minority of people in our world today will give up their lives to help others.

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