It Jobs, Newtons and Darwins, for all you know.

Itis a general perception that becoming the leader of a pack andgaining power makes life easier. However, what they don’t realize isthat managing a team and bringing out the best in each individual ofthe group is an even bigger challenge. Avoiding jeopardy, maintaininga friendly relationship, an efficient work environment, a constantdriving force to the members are just some of the challenges a teamleader has to cope with. Make communication a priority Communicationis always a key in any kind of healthy relationship be it personal orprofessional.

As a team leader, it should be your motto to maintain aconstant communication with your team members. Talk to them abouttheir experiences, issues and work related suggestions. This willensure a friendly relationship between you and your team. Encourage innovative ideasYourteam might be an entire package of Jobs, Newtons and Darwins, for allyou know. Therefore, it’s always a great idea to look into everyone’sideas and proposals.

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Innovative propositions must be encouraged andtaken further if they can in any way assist the company’s growth. Themore such ideas are supported, the more motivated your workers willbe! Reward and praise Beinga good team leader is all about making your squad work better. Andwhat can be a better way than acknowledging their work when it’spraiseworthy! Publicly praise if an individual has achieved his/hertarget before time or done anything in the company’s goodwill. Thisis bound to inspire them to keep up the good work and encourageothers to follow the same path.

Add the element of fun Whoeverlikes a boring boss? Pep up your reputation as the fun-loving teamleader who isn’t low on the enjoyment quotient. Organize brunch anddinner treats for your team to celebrate small achievements. Youdon’t necessarily have to take them on foreign vacations(well, evenif some do that), trivial outings will work well to break themonotony of work. Set an example Youcan’t just boss around without stepping into the field yourself. Whetheryou’re the captain of a sports team or a company’s team leader, it’simportant to indulge in the kind of work you expect from your bunch,yourself.

Set an example for them and act as a source of inspirationto extract the best outputs from your team. Take feedback and accept criticismYesyou have all the right to assert your authority and take decisionsbut the suggestions of each individual matters. Make sure you areaware of the collective as well as individual feelings of yourmembers regarding the work, the work environment and your leadership.This will help you to grow and be a better leader. Ina healthy work relationship with your squad you can’t afford to keepsecrets. Be like an open book just as you are with your closefriends. This is yet another way to gain everyone’s trust, respectand full cooperation. Sometimes, the circumstances demand you to taketo the wheel and steer the ship in a direction which may be againstthe wind.

Bedecisive and take control whenver necessary!

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