It known unrecognised success with very specific signature

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Last updated: August 23, 2019

It is my privilege and honour to introduce to the legendcoming up next.

  His legendary status cannotbe denied. He’s a man who is one of the most successful and notorious directors,writers, producer and animator of all time. His movies have known unrecognisedsuccess with very specific signature styles, film techniques and even has hisown signature camera angle. Because of him, we have experienced all genres ofthe movie industries including action, fantasy, romance and animation.  He has brought to life fantasy novels that we all know andlove such as Charles Lutwidge Dodgsons’ Alicein wonderland and Roald Dahls’ Charlieand the chocolate factory.

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This man, can turn gothic imagery into a cartoonform using costumes, props, makeup and lighting. We recognised this in moviessuch as Edward scissor hands and beetle juice.  Using gothic, pasty face white face makeupand black hair makes characters scary, mystical, grotesque and at the same timebreathtakingly beautiful. He employs signature camera angles known as the dutch angle.  This is where the camera is set at an angleon its roll axis so that the shot is composed with vertical lines at an angleto the side of the frame, or so that the horizon line of the shot is notparallel with the bottom of the camera frame.

A lot of his directing decisionsand ideas all originate from his childhood. He claims that he didn’t want to belike his parents when he grew up so he moved to his grandmother at a young age.  As a result of this, he believes he grew up too fast andwanted to show fantasy in most of his films as a means of escape for hisaudience.  His career started as being ananimator.  It was a revelation to him whenhe decided to paint how he saw things. One of his first jobs was when he washired by Disney to work on films such as TheFox and the Hound, The BlackCauldron and Tron, aswell as working as an artist on the first adaptation of Tolkien’s The Lordof the Rings for United Artists.  The short film Vincent put him on the map and gainedrecognition from Disney. He then became forgotten and only was noticed againwith another wildly successful live-action short film: Frankenweenie.

Hisfurther creations weren’t released as they were considered too scary for children,but thanks to his new found fame he ventured into being a feature filmdirector. And the rest is history.  Here he is, introducing his upcoming films such asBeetlejuice 2 and his work on the live adaptation of Dumbo.  Can I please get a massive round of applauseCOMICON 2017 for TIM BURTON. 

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