It learning new things, taking up challenges and

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Last updated: May 27, 2019

Itis my pleasure to recommend a very promising and capable individual, DimpleRana foradmissionto the graduate program in Masters of Management at your prestigiousuniversity.

I have known her since 2011 as the assistant professor in CSEdepartment. She has undertaken Database Systems under my supervision. Shealways showed keen interest in practical lab of database systems. I observed Dimpleto have a perspicacious mind that helped her grasp new concepts seamlessly. Sheperformed equally well in independent as well as group situations. Dimple has agreat ability of learning new things, taking up challenges and troubleshootingproblems. As a part of curriculum she completed a mentorship lab under mysupervision in which she helped the junior students in solving their practicaldoubts and helped them in implementing the same.  Inaddition to the rigorous coursework, Dimple also exhibit her acumen in variousprojects andpresentations.

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Her erudite and versatile thinking and with the consistency to persist inquestioning till she finds a satisfactory answer has paved way for unearthingmultiple solutionsto problems. Be it academics or extra-curricular, I have found Dimple toparticipate with great efficiency and honesty. Her ability to stay calm,especially at times of stress, makes her emerge as a very efficient leader. Hermotivation, positive attitude and team spirit make her emerge as a leader.  Dimplewas an obedient student with high regard for her teachers and seniors. Sheadjusted andaccommodatedwell with her fellows and was liked much by her juniors.

She is a hardworkingandhighlycommitted person with excellent technical skills. She is now motivated to take herlearningtonew heights through MS education and I have no hesitation in stronglyrecommending herforthe same. I am sure your university will be proud to have her as a student andI wish hersuccessin her endeavors’.

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