It meaning, identities, and social relations, but also

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It is easy to see linguistic commodification through in our diversity ofpractices like marketing, performance art services, advertising, public signsetc.

According to these contexts, languages and identities are one of the mainsources to develop commodified linguistic and cultural products that must gothrough the stereotyped processes of product development, branding, marketing,distribution, and consumption. Therefore, symbolic capital improved thanks tomodern inventions of cultural practices, languages, and identities is mobilizedas marketable. In fact, Bourdieu (1977, 1982) indicated the many ways in whichlanguage as a part of the symbolic capital that can be interchangeable in marketswith forms of material capital.

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According to how onespeaks and writes, we can understand his/her academic background, socioeconomicstatus, and from which region of the country the person is coming from. Gal(1989) and Irvine (1989) also argued that the study of language has to bestudied not only within the limits of making meaning, identities, and socialrelations, but also the political economic conditions that restrict thefacilities for making meaning and social relations.  This responsibility loaded into the language leadto an increasingly central economic role for language as not only work processbut only work product.

Theorists of the globalized new economy, such as Giddens(1990), Harvey (1989), Appadurai (1996), and Castells (2000) have claimed that globalization(or capitalist expansion) needs to require successful communication, literacy skillsthrough employees, multilingualism and development of niche markets. We cantell by looking at all these interlocked criteria that language has become centerto the globalized new economy. Also, it is the center of the emergence of languagework, and therefore of the language worker. (Boutet 2001, 2008, Heller &Boutet 2006, Duchene 2009) It should be noted that some areas have beenincreased in importance thanks to language work, especially tourism. That isthe main reason why tourism is often mentioned as one of the fastest-growingindustries today.

Besides, it is involved in the symbolic dimensions of addedvalue in the distribution of commodified linguistic resources. 

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