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Last updated: August 10, 2019

It is after a good deal of self-evaluation that I have decided to pursue post-graduate studies in Information security systems. This decision followed naturally after carefully considering my professional background, the areas of my interest, and my ultimate professional ambition, which is to pursue a successful career in information security and compliance domain. I completed my secondary school certificate (SSC) with 81.23%, and due to interest in the engineering field pursued my Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication.

This course by its nature and due to distinguished faculty of college gave me a basic understanding of various fields of engineering. I was thrilled to work on my first major project in the final year of the diploma. This was an Obstacle Detector and Avoidance Robot, which was a robot which could detect any object in its path using infra-red distance measuring sensor and avoid collision with other objects.

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Discovering furthermore I completed Diploma with 84.18% and made it to bachelor’s program in Electronics and Telecommunication at the A. C. Patil College of Engineering, affiliated to the University of Mumbai. I began the program on a humble footing, with an urge to explore many areas and concepts of this field. The undergraduate program not just answered my basic queries but took me far beyond. I studied and enjoyed Principles of Communication Engineering, Computer Communication Networks, Digital Communication and Wireless Communication that enlightened me about how vast the field of Telecommunications is.

Radio Frequency Circuit Design helped me learn the behavior of various circuits involving high radio frequencies. I also learned how to design and troubleshoot them. Apart from academics, I was an active member of the College Technical and Social event Organizing Committee for three consecutive years. I actively organized Blood Donation camps along with student committee during the final year of my bachelor’s degree and also secured 1st class in degree final exams.  My final year project in the undergraduate course is “On-board and Remote monitoring of Diesel locomotive”, which was based on an idea of improving the safety of railroad operations by continuous remote monitoring of railroad operations and the various mechanical elements of a railcar.

It was achieved using various parameter measuring sensors and GSM communication module. The project was completed with guidance and help of Indian Railways engineers who guided us through In-plant training of seven months. After my under graduation, I secure a job in Paladion Network Pvt Ltd, as a Security Analyst. This further opened new doors of knowledge and opportunities for me in the Cyber Security domain. Learning new technologies and on job training helped me to achieve Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) certification awarded by EC-Council, in August 2016. My job main job profile was a penetration tester. I have conducted web application security testing with reference to OWASP Top 10, Internal and external Network penetration testing for various corporate and financial institutions, Reverse engineering mobile applications (Android and IOS), Configuration Audit on various network components, Vulnerability Analysis, Wireless penetration testing on WPA2 and WPA2 Enterprise networks, Web-services and API security testing and review, providing security solutions to developers and management for their IT infrastructure.

Also, worked extensively on tools like Burp Suite, Wireshark, NMAP, Nessus, SQL-map. I have good knowledge of KALI-Linux and its modules. I have participated in various CTF events online and organized by my company.

 Although I have gained a broad-based technical knowledge after being in information security field for more than 2 years, the gamut of knowledge that remains to be explored and skills to be gained are boundless. To excel as an information security professional, researcher and knowledge provider, it is imperative to assimilate and apply the knowledge acquired, develop fundamental clarity and innovative thought processes. Information security professional must continually update and acquire new skills to remain at the forefront in this dynamic field.  Employers of skilled information security personnel seek well developed soft skills, transferable security skills and adaptability in their workforce.  It is also important to develop excellent communication skills along with strong problem-solving and analytical skills.These skills can only be imbibed through a well-structured and comprehensive course from a research-oriented university. The various research areas at Concordia University such as Cyber forensics, Cryptography, Data mining and security, secure communication and Network security are quite motivating.

 This research-intensive environment will provide me the liberty and opportunity to learn and experiment, developing both, employable and research skills using the latest technology and facilities available on campus. The outstanding faculty and the immeasurable project experience here is overwhelming, and hence a postgraduate degree in Information Systems Security from Concordia University, Montreal is best suited to realize my career aspirations.I wish to continue this exciting journey of learning, creating and devising applications, making a difference to mankind in a constructive way. I would use the opportunity to study at your esteemed University by assisting my teachers and research supervisors in the pursuit of gaining knowledge and experience.

Simultaneously, I would take an active interest in the Student’s Union, contributing in every way possible, giving the college a reason to take pride in me. I eagerly look forward to a positive response from the admission committee. 

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