It they wanted absolute Quality with Rome, and

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It is believed Latium is located  in the “ancient area in west-central Italy, originally limited to the territory around the Alban Hills, but extending by about 500 BC south of the Tiber River as far as the promontory of Mount Circeo. It was bounded on the northwest by Etruria, on the southeast by Campania, on the east by Samnium, and on the northeast by the territory of the Sabini, Aequi, and Marsi. The modern region of Lazio extends farther to include the entire coastal plain between the Fiora River in the north and Garigliano River in the south and is bounded by the Apennines on the east”. (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica, 2017)According to Morey,1901, the relationship between the Rome and Latium cities had not been a good one, at the earlier times Rome was ahead and later Latium was leading and so there were pulling of ropes of who is better off than the other, then  a treaty was signed between the two parties called Latin league for equal alliance under command of Sp Cassius, this treaty was resolved but latter renewed but the Latins who always believed that Rome would continue with the previous position as head of Latium  league and since they wanted absolute Quality with Rome, and therefore ,an embassy to Rome demanding both patties shout unite the selves under one republic on demands of perfect Equality hence choosing  one consul, one senate and a half of senate chosen from the Latins as Manlius declared that “he would stab the first Latin who was admitted to the senate”, that means the proposal was dishonored.

Another interesting thing to note is that , when the two parties  signed a treaty to joined the Latin league, Rome had gained its self-supremacy within the Latin League and stood her self-head of Latium as its enemies still emerged all around although the Etruscans were still a very powerful force at the hill tribes such as the Volscians and Aequians still threatened the plain of Latium and therefore Rome was always at the forefront, attacked and defeated them., we should also note that Rome had a mission of taking for full control,  its expansion and dominating the  league and since Latiums towns were so much wanted the by Rome, Rome dint honour the treaty they  had signed, these misunderstandings led to war between Rome and Latins.According to Morey,1901, the misunderstanding between Rome and latins ended up by both parties parting ways, and when war broke the Samnium and Campania, the Roman armies formed an alliance with the Samnite forces northeastern boundaries of Latium, They were attacked and  defeated Campania at Mt. Vesuvius and so the Latins had to revenge on on behalf of the Capania and since the roman armies were so strong, they defeated the Latium and the Latium revolt was brought to end as many towns of Latium were fully adopted in the Romans states and its occupants become Romans citizens.Conclusively, much as the latin league was formed between the Roman government and Latium cities for equality,by this time Roman government had grown in strength,  and had an hidden mind of subduing its elites as the purpose of the league was not honored as the Lattin alliance was no longer necessary to them.References:Conquest of Latium,William C.

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Morey,1901,Chapter 10,Retrieved from REGION, ITALY, Encyclopaedia Britannica,nd,RETRIEVED FROM 

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